Living with “Waifu”? Virtual Home Robot Gatebox Makes Your Dream Come True!

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Living with “Waifu”? Virtual Home Robot Gatebox Makes Your Dream Come True!

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Do you have your waifu? Many otaku in Japan call their favorite characters yome(aka waifu meaning wife in Japanese). Sadly, the characters they love only exist in the 2 dimensional world. Otaku have made attempts to somewhat bring them to the 3 dimensional world, sometimes even celebrating Christmas together.

However technological innovation has finally made their crazy dream come true! This new item Gatebox shows your character as a hologram allowing you to live together with your yome. Sales will start online for Japan and America starting from December 14th to January 31st. The first sales is only for 300 machines at the price of around $3,000 (298,000 yen).


Gatebox weighs 5kgs and W×D×H=220mm×360mm×520mm in size. The essential projection part has 1280×720 pixels. It has been created so the character floats in the air, and also visible in bright rooms. The main character is Hikari Aizuma which is an original character designed by Taro Minoboshi who also did the character design for Tokimeki Memorial and Love Plus.


The machine has a microphone, camera, and a touch button you use when communicating with the character. It also uses several sensors to detect and follow the owner. There is also a smartphone app that connects to the machine allowing you to communicate with the character online. The video below used the actual Gatebox when filming the video.

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The Gatebox isn’t just trying to create a smart and logical word using artificial intelligence, but its the heartwarming company that the character gives the owner. Its maybe a bit close to the movie “her”.

The Gatebox also has a function which allows the user to output their original footage through the Gatebox so you can meet other characters in 3D too!


Stop trying to make yourself believe your waifu exists, and get a Gatebox! The day you can live with her isn’t so far away!

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