Gacharic Spin Transform into Alien Schoolgirls in the MV for “Final na Fantasy”?

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Gacharic Spin Transform into Alien Schoolgirls in the MV for “Final na Fantasy”?

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Gacharic Spin, one of the hardest rocking wild and crazy bands to come out of Japan, have beamed down a preview MV for “Final na Fantasy”, which is included on the limited edition of their “Sekira Liar TOUR FINAL!!! 2015” DVD (release date: December 16) which was recorded at Shibuya Public Hall in May of 2015.

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In addition to seeing Gacharic Spin rock out in their colorful stage outfits, there are scenes where they appear in school uniforms! Of course, “handsome tomboy” drummer Hana is dressed as a male student and is wearing a gakuran! For some reason, the members except for guitarist TOMO-ZO turn into aliens! So that’s their secret!

To learn more about Gacharic Spin, check out the interview that they did at J-Pop Summit 2015 in the link below!

Gacharic Spin Interview at J-Pop Summit 2015 Supported by Nihongogo

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Released a few days earlier was an amazing trailer for the DVD showing a few selected clips from their face-melting performance! As if their normal performance wasn’t enough, there are pyrotechnics and even a drone flying around the venue during the show! “Sekira Liar TOUR FINAL!!! 2015” will be sold in a limited edition and regular version. The limited edition includes the full MV for “Final na Fantasy”, and Oreo Reona pantomime video, deleted scenes and the trailer for the DVD on a second disc. Both versions include a DVD which has the full 24-song set list on it.

Set List

01 Lock On!!
02 More Power
03 Bomber Girl
05 Hunting Summer
06 Ben-Jan-Dan
07 Nudie Rhythm
08 Suki na Hito, Dakedo
09 Ima wo Ikiteru〜2015-nen Haru〜
10 Sayonara CHerry
11 Roulette
12 Yumekuizame
14 Otona Shojo
15 Boku Dake no Cinderella
16 Tokenai CANDY
17 Shuumatsu Fantasy
18 Sekira Liar
19 Unmei Sae mo Kaeru Kotoba
20 Dangan Beat
21 Takaramono
22 Don’t Let Me Down

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Sekiraliar Tour Final!!! 2015 - Shibuya Kokaido - / Gacharic Spin
Sekiraliar Tour Final!!! 2015 - Shibuya Kokaido - / Gacharic Spin

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