The Basics of Justice! Fundamental Twin Tail Girls in Anime and Real Life

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The Basics of Justice! Fundamental Twin Tail Girls in Anime and Real Life

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February 2nd in Japan has come to be known as “Twin Tail Day” by those who are fans of the hairstyle. A lot of girls post things like, “Today is Twin Tail Day!” with pictures/videos of themselves wearing twin tails on Twitter (#ツインテールの日) and it is becoming a movement especially on the Internet.

Yes, you must already know how girls with twin tails are cute and full of justice. Twin tails are the most iconic hairstyle for cuteness, seen on characters like Sailor Moon and Hatsune Miku, in bishoujo anime and also for idols. Twin tails have a pure kind of cuteness.

However, do you know what is the “fundamental twin tail”?  Pigtails and two braids are also tend to be included in “twin tail” nowadays but, it is not the fundamental twin tail according to an illustrator/writer halcana/F=h.

This is twin tail but not fundamental twin tail! Pakutaso

What! This is twin tail but not fundamental twin tail?! Pakutaso

He states three factors consisting of fundamental twin tail with an illustration.

1. Two bundles of hair hang down bi-symmetrically
2. The length of the two bundles falls below the shoulders
3. The knots are above the ears

The leftmost one is the fundamental twin tail, and the others are variations (but could be called twin tail generally).

The fundamental twin tail! Pakutaso

The fundamental twin tail! Pakutaso

According to Twin Tail Japan Association, twin tail became a major fashion in 90s with the appearance of Sailor Moon. Girls admired the protagonist Usagi Tsukino’s symbolic twin tails showing that school girls were still allowed to have the hair style, not just little kids.

Assuming that Sailor Moon is the first twin tail icon in the context of pop culture, Sailor Moon has all three factors of the fundamental twin tail! Then it will not be a problem to call that style as fundamental twin tail.

However, whether fundamental or not, twin tail is cute and justice. Twin tails will remain supreme as a symbol of Japanese kawaii forever! There is no need to stick to fundamental. Enjoy your twin tail life!



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