A New Type of “History Girl”? Fuji TV Show “Yoroi Bijo” Provides Beautiful Guides to the Past

A New Type of “History Girl”? Fuji TV Show “Yoroi Bijo” Provides Beautiful Guides to the Past

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In recent years, the subculture phenomenon of “reki-jo” (history girls) has had young women from all over Japan buzzing not about the latest trends but about historical figures like Ryoma Sakamoto and the Shinsengumi. With the introduction of the new late-night Fuji TV program “Yoroi Bijo” (Armor Beauty), the trend seems to have shifted slightly.

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As you can see in the short preview for the first episode featuring Shoko Takasaki, the main selling point is having beautiful women wearing ancient Japanese armor and then removing it and posing next to the armor in bikinis. The description for the show describes the marks left on the women’s bodies after removing the armor as some kind of parallel to the traces that history leaves behind. While it would not be surprising if this was simply one of those shows that caters to the idea that Japanese TV shows love to see people suffer, “Yoroi Bijo” also promises to talk about the history of the armor. History and gravure! It’s a win-win!

“Yoroi Bijo” began broadcasting on April 17, 2015 and airs several times weekly on Fuji TV ONE. While availability outside of Japan may vary depending on who your cable provider is, at the very least it seems like Fuji TV will be uploading more short previews to their YouTube channel. Gravure idols taking off Japanese armor is nice and everything but, where is the history? Hopefully, there will be a lot more content to come because history is important, right?

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