Flap Girls’ School are Shining Princess Idols in the MV for “Start Line”!

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Flap Girls’ School are Shining Princess Idols in the MV for “Start Line”!

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Flap Girls’ School have made their grand entrance with the MV for “Start Line” from their 1st album “SCHOOL DAYS” (release date: March 9)!

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In the MV, the members of Flap Girls’ School are princesses who cause a commotion when they debut as idols during their televised coronation ceremony. Flashing back to scenes showing them bored of their life in the royal palace, one of the servants shows them some dance moves from her previous life as an entertainer. They make a big splash, securing the top spot on the sales charts and receiving an invitation to the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen but as the screen fades out, it seems that not everyone is a fan…

Here are some screenshots.

“SCHOOL DAYS” will be released in a limited edition CD/DVD version and a regular CD version. Both versions include most of the songs from Flap Girls’ School’s previously released singles as well as “Start Line” for a total of 15 songs! The DVD packaged with the limited edition will include the full-length MVs for several songs (details not yet available).

Track List

01 Start Line
03 Habatake Tsubasa
04 Summer Days Dance
06 Omogashi Ippai!
07 Calling U
08 Ichigo Parfait
09 Natsuiro Love again
10 Kimi ga Suki!!
11 Open School no Uta
12 Tsubomi
13 Ashiki Shuukan
14 Yume wo Oikakete
15 Flap Girls’ School no Theme

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