FEMM Reveals Teaser Video “Whiplash” For Their First Album!

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FEMM Reveals Teaser Video “Whiplash” For Their First Album!

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FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS, shortly known as FEMM, has released a teaser video of their new song “Whiplash.” This song will be their 13th original release, though they just made their debut in November 2013!

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FEMM is a Japanese-female-duo, but they aren’t similar to any other female duo or group in Japan, because both members, RiRi and LuLa, are mannequins! They don’t talk and smile, but sing and dance.

At the same time they released the teaser video of “Whiplash,” they announced that their first full album “Femm-Isation” will be available in October 1st.

Their previously released singles are available on iTunes all over the world, so let’s check their songs before the album will be released!

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