feast by GOMI HAYAKAWA Rolls Out with “Melt Melt Shampoo” Lingerie Collection Pre-Orders!

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feast by GOMI HAYAKAWA Rolls Out with “Melt Melt Shampoo” Lingerie Collection Pre-Orders!

In Japan where clothes often come in one size only or three sizes at most, there is a dire lack of lingerie brands catering to women with smaller cup sizes (referred to as Cinderella busts).  It can be hard finding lingerie for smaller cup sizes overseas, as well.

feast by GOMI HAYAKAWA is designer Gomi Hayakawa’s premier lingerie brand aimed at celebrating women with smaller cup sizes from AAA~A. The brand seeks to reclaim the word “hinyuu” from 貧乳 (flat chested) to 品乳 (Grade A breasts), seeks to give women with smaller busts cuter lingerie options.

The first feast by GOMIHAYAKAWA exhibition, which was held from February 28th to March 1st, just wrapped up earlier this month and centered around the brand’s fourth lingerie collection, entitled “melt melt shampoo!” This collection features dreamy lingerie and room wear in bright pink and blue pastel colors, perfect for relaxing in comfort after a bath.

Along with a re-release of feast by GOMIHAYAKWA’s first collection, items from both collections will be available via pre-order from noon on March 22nd. Thinking about some cute lingerie and room wear just in time for summer?  Look no further!  Make sure to get your order in ASAP before they sell out!






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Translated by Jamie Koide


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