Dancefloor Devastation! Faint⋆Star Reveal MV for “DESTRUCTION”!

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Dancefloor Devastation! Faint⋆Star Reveal MV for “DESTRUCTION”!

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Faint⋆Star have released the pulse-pounding MV for “DESTRUCTION” from their 3rd single “DESTRUCTION + 2 B rubbed PL4E edition” (release date: November 24)!

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“DESTRUCTION” is densely layered visually as well as aurally. Images of Hina and Yuria overlap and are splattered with brightly colored paint and the music by agehasprings is a wall of synth sounds that would feel right at home at an all night club event. For this single, Faint⋆Star are further assisted by Shinichi Osawa, HABANERO POSSE, and PARKGOLF, who have provided remixes of their songs. There is also a yet untitled new song planned to be included in the single. “DESTRUCTION + 2 B rubbed PL4E edition” will be released in a Japanese, American, Taiwanese, and Indonesian version but, further details have yet to be released.

Faint⋆Star has been performing all over Japan and ventured overseas to events like ENNICHISAI 2015 in Indonesia and J-Pop Summit 2015 in the US (San Francisco, California). Coming up next on their schedule is “Faint⋆Star×2.5D Tokyo Sound Collection vol.6 ~Halloween Party~” at 2.5D Studio in Shibuya PARCO on October 29th with special guests YANAKIKU and La PomPon.

Track List

02 (title TBA)
03 Surai (remixed by Shinichi Osawa)
04 Konya wa RIDE ON TIME (remixed by HABANERO POSSE)
05 Hurly-Burly (remixed by PARKGOLF)

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