Girls, Arm Sexy Evangelion! Neon Genesis Evangelion Inspired Lingerie Series to Be Released!

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Girls, Arm Sexy Evangelion! Neon Genesis Evangelion Inspired Lingerie Series to Be Released!

Lingerie series that imagined the anime characters of Evangelion: Rei Ayanami, Asuka Shikinami Langley, Mari Makinami Illustrious, will be sold at the anime fashion online website SuperGroupies.

The online shop consists sizes from A65 to F75, and costs 8,800 yen. Order reception is from August 5 to 23, and will be shipped around mid December.

The Evangelion series is a science fiction animation in which teenage pilots of a giant bio-machine called Evangelion combat against monstrous beings known as Angels. It has become the representative work of the anime director Anno Hideaki, and still receives great support from the fans even after 20 years have passed since broadcast started.

The lingerie that imagined Rei Ayanami, a red eyed blue haired slender girl, has a design of the patterned lace of “The Spear of Longinus”. The blue ribbon and lace indicates Rei’s hair color, and red and orange ribbons are also used at the shoulder strap.

evangelion-lingerie-07 evangelion-lingerie-01

This lingerie with red lace and orange tulle was made based on the image of Asuka Shikinami Langley. Plenty of lace are used in both the bra and shorts, and there is a sense of spirit while maintaining some elegance. The green ribbon on the bra and the orange ribbon on the shorts serve as an accent of the laundry.

evangelion-lingerie-04 evangelion-lingerie-02

A lingerie that imagined the character that first appeared in “Evangelion: The New Movie”, Makinami Mari Illustrious. It has a design of the adult-like purple lace on the attractive light pink base, with bordeaux and purple ribbon as an accent.

evangelion-lingerie-05 evangelion-lingerie-03

Three completely different forms of collaboration-lingerie have been created, and it seems like it will be a strong ally for girls before an important battle.

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