Erika Denya (Babyraids JAPAN) Makes Gravure Debut in Weekly Playboy!

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Erika Denya (Babyraids JAPAN) Makes Gravure Debut in Weekly Playboy!

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Erika Denya, leader of Babyraids JAPAN, takes on a new challenge with her first gravure photoshoot in issue 44 of Weekly Playboy (release date: October 16)!

In addition to her activities with Babyraids JAPAN, Denya has been gaining attention as the star of the commercials for Rakuten point card and as a semi-regular on the TBS program “Discovery of the World’s Mysteries” since June of 2017. Despite admitting to feeling embarrassed at first, Denya shared that by the end of the shoot, she was able to relax and almost forgot that she was wearing a swimsuit in front of the camera of Kojiro Hosoi. Also appearing in the issue is covergirl Fumika Baba, professional wrestler Hana Kimura, and Mari Yamachi.

Babyraids JAPAN close out the year with EMOTIONAL IDOLROCK FES. 2017 a series of lives for 3 weeks in a row in December!


December 14, 2017 (Thursday)
~Otome ni Kubittake!~ (Female only live)
Shinjuku LOFT
Start – 7:00pm

December 20, 2017 (Wednesday)
~Tora-Gaa Spiral~ (Fan Club live)
Tokyo Kinema Club
Start – 7:00pm

December 28, 2017 (Thursday)
~Bokura wa Kiko ni Iru!~ THE BRJ SUPER LIVE
Start – 4:45pm

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Weekly Playboy 10/30

THE BRJ / Babyraids JAPAN
THE BRJ / Babyraids JAPAN

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