Best Friends Forever! Eriko and Hiroko From SPEED are Back as ERIHIRO!

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Best Friends Forever! Eriko and Hiroko From SPEED are Back as ERIHIRO!

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ERIHIRO, the duo made up of Eriko Imai and Hiroko Shimabukuro of the legendary girl group SPEED have let out the MV for their debut single “Stars” (release date: August 26)!

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The MV is full of scenes of ERI and HIRO showing how close their friendship is after almost 20 years together. “Stars” is a collaboration with DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING and is the ending theme song for the drama “Hotel Concierge” which stars fashion model/singer-songwriter/actress Mariya Nishiuchi. While SPEED was known for their uptempo R & B sound, ERIHIRO is closer to EDM. Visually, the two members have also changed, with Imai sporting a short boyish haircut and Shimabukuro with long flowing hair.


“Stars” is being released in 2 versions. The CD/DVD version includes the full MV for “Stars” and a making of video. The coupling song for both versions of the single has not yet been announced. Most Japanese articles have been referring to Imai and Shimabukuro as “former members of SPEED” and even though the group did officially come back a few years ago, they have not been anywhere as close as they were during the late 1990’s before their first disbandment in 2000. At the very least, ERIHIRO seems to be a project that Imai and Shimabukuro are really serious about. One thing is certain, they seem to be really serious about each other.

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