Electric Ribbon Recharge With the MV for “Twinkle in you”!

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Electric Ribbon Recharge With the MV for “Twinkle in you”!

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Electric Ribbon power up and blast forward with the MV for their new single “Twinkle in you” (release date: May 30)!

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In their first single since the addition of new members aoi, yuu, and airi, Electric Ribbon show some of the challenges they had in bringing the revamped lineup to the stage of Eribon Fes at Shibuya club asia on March 24, 2017. erica, nagisa, and pippi lead by example as they firmly yet kindly whip the new recruits into shape, with the MV ending in a successful integration of seasoned veterans and fresh-faced newcomers.

“Twinkle in you” includes the bonus tracks “Shunshoku Drop” and “Eyeline”. The cover art is by STEREOTENNIS.

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Twinkle In You

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