EDM School Girl Curumi Chronicle Breaks New Ground at Releasing Party “Seventeen Memories”

EDM School Girl Curumi Chronicle Breaks New Ground at Releasing Party “Seventeen Memories”

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Curumi Chronicle, a girl attracting attention as “EDM school girl”, held a release party concert “Seventeen Memories” in August 16th at WOMB in Shibuya, celebrating her single’s release “17” and “Touch Me”.
EDM女子高生として注目を集めているクルミクロニクルのシングル発売『17』『Touch Me』を記念したリリースパーティー「Seventeen Memories」が、8月16日渋谷WOMBで開催された。

The event started with performances by two guest artists; AZUMA HITOMI and Shiho Namba. Finishing their performances, LED wristbands that handed out for free gradually started lightening brighter in the darkens, and finally Curumi Chronicle had appeared. Her performance had begun with a song “FLIGHT” from “Touch Me”, and the live video is now available on YouTube. When the video reaches 10,000 watches, next video will be uploaded, so please watch it!
イベントではまず、AZUMA HITOMI、南波志帆のゲストによるパフォーマンスでスタート。ふたりが演奏を終えると、来場者に配られたLEDリストバンドが暗闇の中で鮮やかに光りだし、いよいよクルミクロニクルが登場した。『Touch Me』に収録されている「FLIGHT」で幕を開け、その動画はYouTubeチャンネルにもアップされた(ちなみに1万回再生されれば次の動画がアップされるということなので、ぜひ視聴してみて欲しい!)。

Contributor Wanted!!

Heavy bass sound, lazar beam lightning all over the space, and there, Curumi Chronicle’s clear and transparent voice carried. She makes the most use of a club house WOMB, and construct Curumi Chronicle’s original world at the concert, definitely.

Besides only singing style, she also performed singing with DJ set, and sang “Orange (Sing with Cello)” with live Cello play by a cellist. Showing various styles of performances, the event finally became close to the end. Finishing 17 songs in total with last two songs “Kagayake Sorairo Shouji” and “Seventeen” after second encore, it came to an end.
歌のみのパフォーマンス以外に、DJセットを使った演出、チェロの生演奏を交えた楽曲「オレンジ(Sing with Cello)」を披露するなど、バリエーションに富んだプレイスタイルを魅せながらあっという間にライブは終盤に。ダブルアンコールの後「輝け空色少女」「Seventeen」を演奏して全17曲を終え、イベントは幕を閉じた。

Thus Curumi Chronicle accomplished her performance though she was showing worried look some times. In the end she bowed and called out “Thank you very much” many times to the audience and got warm applause.
Please remember such modest heart in the future as well, and break new ground over the conventional idol and girl’s pop genre.

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