Curumi Chronicle Taking Short Hiatus Reveals Promotion MV for “White Sweet Cake”!

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Curumi Chronicle Taking Short Hiatus Reveals Promotion MV for “White Sweet Cake”!

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Curumi Chronicle, known as EDM school girl who is taking live concerts hiatus for preparing university entrance exams, announced to release a single “White Sweet Cake” (release date : December 3rd). The single will be released at only  record shop Tower Record, and the number of the CDs is unfortunately limited.

The promotion MV for “White Sweet Cake” is also unveiled. This song is not a new song, she has been performed it at her concerts several times. It finally comes out as CD this time for its popularity by fans.

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The single also includes mashup song by Curumi Chronicle’s sound producer USAGI DISCO, and remix version of “White Sweet Cake” by DJ Obake (Her Ghost Friend). In addition, the artwork for the single has revealed. The artwork with Curumi’s big smile is drawn by manga artist NakaG, who also produces artworks for an idol group UPUPGIRLS(KARI) and draws idol related works.
Curumi Chronicle has been attracted people’s attention as EDM school girl, but unlike the edgy sounds she has very modest heart, and steadily breaks new ground over the conventional idol and girl’s pop genre. It is a little bit sad that we cannot see her singing live until she enters the university, spring 2015. All we can do now is to listen to her songs while waiting her back, right?

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