TokyoGirls'Update Delivers “DenDen Passion”-ate Performance to End Their Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 Experience!

| Idol | Posted Delivers “DenDen Passion”-ate Performance to End Their Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 Experience!

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Coming to the last stage of Heat Garage at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, Zepp Divercity Tokyo was filled with huge number of people waiting for appearing to the stage. The moment usual overture sounded, the hall was trembled with hand crap and shout from Dempatow (fans of showed themselves on the stage and they were not what it used to be.

As soon as the introduction of Dempari Night played, the audience all together stated to yell out “Check a Dempa!” and the hall was turned into 6 colors, red, white, mint green, yellow, purple, and blue followed by member’s color. The title “Dempari Night” comes from Dempa( and the it was already nothing but the “Dempari Night”.

After Dempari Night, they introduced themselves shortly. Nemu Yumemi suddenly started talking about TIF 2010 with wobbly eyes. At Tokyo Idol Festival 2010, they appeared on the sky stage which was entrance-free food area when other artists had grand finale. She thanked a lot the audience for having kept supporting them as they could stand on the final stage of Heat Garage.

Following the emotional MC, they performed W.W.D. W.W.D stands for World Wide Dempa and the lyrics look back at member’s history and tell hope for future to be a world-wide idol. Now is becoming a world-wide idol as they made a world tour, this song realized the audience how they grew up in this 5 years. Now they became one of the most famous idols in Japan. ran through the next three songs, starting with “Otsukare Summer!”, followed by “Den Den Pasion”, and “Chururi Chururira”. In “Otsukare Summer”, they perform with swinging towels. In this part,’s sister groups Niji no conquistador and Moso Calibration appeared on the stage and brought the additional excitement to the stage. They finished their stage with “Sakura Apparation”, singing “Bye Bye Sayonara”.

When they left the stage, some fans yelled “Happy Birthday” to Risa Aizawa. Coincidentally, August 2nd was her birthday. There can be seen many fans who brought white penlights to celebrate her birthday. She answered in the last with smile and they left the stage. successfully played the important role to finish one of the TIF 2015 stages.

Set List:
01. Dempari Night
02. W.W.D
03. Otsukare Summer!
04. Den Den Passion
05. Churyuri Chururira
06. Sakura Apparation

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Photo by Keiichi Takagi

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