TokyoGirls'Update to Release Official Repulica Costume , Christmas ver. & Miko ver! to Release Official Repulica Costume , Christmas ver. & Miko ver!

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It was announced that will release two types of original cosplay costumes in December!

The first one is Christmas designed costume. It has six designs, and the colors of the outfits match to the members’ color in When you think of Christmas color, it will be always red or white as Santa Clause, but these are pastel colors so you’ll definitely stand out when you wear them!

The second one is the costume of the shrine maiden (Miko). It is a replica that was actually used in the music video of “Demparade JAPAN”.

It comes with a collar with the name of the band and a nametag with a photo of the group, so it will be something to look forward to. The costumes will be on sale at Don Quijote and Village Vanguard all over Japan, so don’t miss it!



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