TokyoGirls'Update Show Overwhelming Dignity and Respect at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

| Idol | Posted Show Overwhelming Dignity and Respect at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

Sponsored Links reigned supreme this year again at Tokyo Idol festival 2016 on August 7th, 2016. Toshiya Hamada, the general producer of the festival, claimed that the group is the symbol of this idol era. There are few idol groups appearing in the festival since the first year 2010 and they are the one. The history of the festival can be said as that of them.

August 7th, 2016 – Hot Stage – 18:40-19:25

Soon as the short version of W.W.D echoed the venue, the audience shouted even like a scream and put on the penlights with 6 colors. The venue was brightened with the wave of the penlights, which really seemed to show the high expectation of the audience. It is still deeply engraved on my mind that the members performed at the stage far away from the main stage in 2010 while the grand finale was held there. Thinking of their effort of 6 years, my eye could not help but shedding tears of joy.

The audience bursted into MIX and extreme wota-gei even in the first song “Denden Passion”, which strongly reminded me of their origin. was formed at Akihabara Dear Stage which is one of the placed that wota-gei can be seen most often. Even though the group became “the symbol of this idol era”, the members did not change at all at the bottom of their heart. “Vandalism” and “NEO JAPONISM” followed, the venue was heated up and the air conditioner did not work properly anymore.

They slowed down the pace with “Yumesasu Ashitae” and “Kuchizuke Kibonnu”. The theme of the first song is alike “Future Diver” which the members wish their bright future. It could be clearly realized that never stopped and continued to achieve successes all over the world. The audience seemed to be surprised at the relatively old tune “Kuchizuke Kibonnu”.

They in succession performed up tempo tunes “Bari 3 Kyouwakoku” and “Ba! to the Future” and the crowds tried to cheer them by extreme shouts and wota-gei. Answering the chanting and clapping again for encore, returned to the stage and concluded the stage with the summer tune “Otsukare Summer”. Their sense of unity with the audience seemed to add even greater depth to their performance.

In the MC, Nemu Yumemi said that she cried seeing hashtag #TIF2016 with huge love towards idols and she also realized also that  she was actually one to be sustained by it. Mirin Furukawa also swore that would never finish at such a stage and step forward to the bright future. However famous and popular they become, their identity will never be lost, which must be the reason that they have survived this 6 years. The symbol of idols still keeps to reign supreme i the future.

Set List:
01.Denden Passion
04.Yumesasu Ashitae
05.Kuchizuke Kibonnu
06.Bari 3 Kyouwakoku
07.Ba! to the Future
En01.Otsukare Summer


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