Breakthrough Technology! Delta Glass Provides Stealth Pantsu (Panty) Vision!

Breakthrough Technology! Delta Glass Provides Stealth Pantsu (Panty) Vision!

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In Japan’s relentless pursuit of all things related to panties, cutting edge technology has added another dimension to the ways that people enjoy taking a peek under skirts. Following up on the Skirt-Flipping Calendar, LED HIKARU SKIRT, Rock ’n’ Roll Panty amplifier, Panchira art exhibition, bottle and smartphone panties, upskirt umbrella, skirt-flipping photobook, the Deltanauts project has unveiled Delta Glass, a device that gives the wearer “panty vision”!

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Deltanauts is the creation of media artist Teruaki Tsubokura and takes its name from the Greek letter (Δ) because it resembles the “triangle” hidden underneath the skirt and the prefix -naut, meaning explorer. Made up of two main components, the Delta Glass and the Delta Floor, they allow the wearer to see panties that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.


The Delta Floor uses special lights cycling at 120 Hz and a beam splitter, which when combined with the Dela Glass, creates a reflected image on the floor of the panties, which is only visible to the wearer. Stealth technology at work!


This is just first part in the Deltanauts project as they list a skirt that will absolutely make someone fall in love with the wearer (Zettai ni Koi ni Ochiru Skaato, 絶対に恋に落ちるスカート) and a holographic device to be unveiled in the near future. Just when you think you have seen it all when it comes to panties in Japan, something new appears in a flash!

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