Technopop Idols Cupitron Shine Bright in the MV for “Battery”

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Technopop Idols Cupitron Shine Bright in the MV for “Battery”

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Technopop idol trio Cupitron have flipped the switch on the MV for their upcoming second single “Battery” (release date: February 11). While it was known that Cupitron was going to release a single on February 11, the name of the single and artwork was not revealed until now.

With “Colorful Pop!!! From Techno World”as their motto, Cupitron seems to have undergone several upgrades since their debut in June of 2014. “Battery” is a streamlined and smooth electronic pop dance song that displays their growth as performers. Keeping with the theme of batteries, Evolta-kun, the robot mascot of Panasonic’s Evolta line of batteries, appears in the video to replace Cupitron’s batteries (which are of course, Panasonic Evoltas). In addition to their energetic robotic choreography, Cupitron shows images of the members in winter clothes at various locations throughout the city.

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As with their first single “Unicorn Parade”, the lyrics and are written by Bajune Tobeta. The music was composed by Nao Tokisawa, who has written music for Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome and Kou Shibasaki. Arrangement is again handled by Tobeta and Yusuke Nakamura, this time joined by Takeshi Ikezawa and EDM producer tamaki nagomu.

The outfits are designed by Tomoe Shinohara, a fashion designer/actress/singer who was notorious for her bright and crazy sense of style that still influences some of the looks seen on the streets of Harajuku today. With LEDs running throughout the outfits, it seems that Cupitron has moves a step closer to the perfect synthesis of idol and techno-electro elements.

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1. Battery
2. Denshi Keisanki no Yume
3. Battery (Instrumental)
4. Denshi Keisanki no Yume (Instrumental)
Battery (Music Video)

1. Battery
3. Pi Po Pa Talk
4. Battery (Instrumental)
5. WARP WARP (Instrumental)
6. Pi Po Pa Talk (Instrumental)

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