Trick or Cute?, Bandjanaimon! and LADYBABY Appear in Halloween Costume!

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Trick or Cute?, Bandjanaimon! and LADYBABY Appear in Halloween Costume!

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Clearstone inc. held a cosplay fashion show “Costume Show Halloween Collection 2015” on October 17, 2015 at Shibuya 109.

These days, Halloween became one of the biggest events in Japan, Kikuchi, cosplayed as Ken, character of Street Fighter, said to the audience. Clearstone inc. actually hold a large percentage of the share in cosplay costume market, he added.

He first invited three models with the cosplay of ghosts. The trend of cosplay changes every year and a cosplay of ghost is the trend in this year. Especially, many people have wore long skirt since last year, so it is selected in cosplays.

Next, CYBERJAPAN DANCERS appeared on the stage. They usually show themselves in clubs and music festivals to liven up the audience. These costumes have a wire of LED light, so it should stands out in the darkness. The costume looked so sexy as the audience shouted high-pitched voice.

Suddenly an uncanny noise started to sound and Kikuchi told that zombies may be around you everywhere. Then, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, characters of famous horror game BioHazard, came to the stage. Some of the audience might calm down with their appearance as they really seemed to come from the game.

Clearstone inc. also provides series of reasonable costume which cost less than 5000 yen. When the name of models was told, the audience shouted with cheer since performers were not announced beforehand. Bandjanaimon! revealed their cosplay. Their cosplay well matched to their usual cute and a little bit fancy atmosphere as the product was called “trick or sweet”. Ringo Koishio said that drawers in her cosplay really looked cute, so it was her recommendation.

In addition to Bandjanaimon!, showed themselves and the audience almost screamed with their appearance. Compared to the cute cosplays of Bandjanaimon!, their cosplay were rather scary and cool. They held a halloween event this year and released a new single “Eikyu Zombina” which is their first halloween song. They were very ready for the halloween, so their make-up done by themselves and high quality of cosplays looked really scary but at the same time so attractive. Risa Aizawa told that it might be difficult for otaku people to come to Shibuya but it would be easier with cosplays, so if you have a chance, do try cosplays and go out to Shibuya!

The intro part of Nippon Manju sounded, the audience started to shout freely. Now, it’s the turn for LADYBABY. They sang Nippon Manju with cosplays. Rie and Rei wore devil and angel cosplays which seemed to be sisters. Ladybeard wore very cute red dress. Kikuchi asked them to tell episode for halloween but Rie said she had no episode in halloween. Rei said she had been in work every year. Ladybeard told that he liked to go to the party with beautiful dresses. Although they were asked which cosplay did they want to wear, Rie and Rei answered that their usual costume was like cosplay, so they did not have any particular cosplays they wanted. Ladybeard wanted to do cosplay with Jesus Christ.

Clearstone’s halloween costume show finished with great success. This company really provides cosplay costumes that are needed for you, so if you are planning to do cosplay this year, how about Clear Stone’s one?

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