Nacchi Classic, Natsumi Abe to Release Crossover Album in October!

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Nacchi Classic, Natsumi Abe to Release Crossover Album in October!

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Natsumi Abe, who achieved significant popularity as the member of Japanese national iconic idol group, “Morning Musume.” in the 2000’s, is going to release a whole new concept album. After 16 years from her debut, and 10 years since her graduation from the group, she steps into the classical crossover world with her new album “Hikarie – Classical & Crossover – “. The album will be out on Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd., October 22.

Abe has appeared on a lot of musical stages since her solo debut, then gradually has acquired the technique of classical singing vocal. The way she sings has progressively changed from her pop basis singing. In November last year, she dedicated a musical song in the tribute concert for Minako Honda, and the performance caught the eyes of a producer who proposed this project.

In this album, Abe sings classic masterpieces of all ages and countries that she deeply empathizes with, such as “I Dreamed a Dream”, “On my own” of “Les Miserables”, “Stand Alone” of NHK drama “Saka no Ue no Kumo”, “Greensleeves”, and so on.

I have been seeking a new challenge after celebrating my 10 year career as a solo singer. The offer that I received this time was very surprising and moving. Sometimes, I’m still caught up in the touched emotion of the moment. I am pleased to be part of this project. I’m going to put my all into this album while pursuing expressions which only my present self can do, thank you.
Hikarie – Classical & Crossover – ” will be available in two types of Limited Edition and Regular Edition. The DVD included in Limited Edition will have behind the scenes footage, and “I Dreamed a Dream” played with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.
Also, a production documentary video introducing her new challenge is now available on YouTube. Check how she sings and her special feeling for the album.

Hikarie – Classical & Crossover – ” Documentary movie

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