Chu-Z Crack Open their New Song ‘Tell me why Umarete Kita Imi Wo Shiritai’ Masterminded by Tsunku♂

Chu-Z Crack Open their New Song ‘Tell me why Umarete Kita Imi Wo Shiritai’ Masterminded by Tsunku♂

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Chu-Z has performed their 3rd major single ‘Tell me why Umarete Kita Imi Wo Shiritai‘ (release date July 1st) at Berg Tokyo in Nishi-Azabu for the first time to the press on June 11th.

As usual, the choreography for this new piece was handled by expert YOHEY, but the sound produce & lyrics is by Tsunku♂, costume design is by Hinan-chu from Silent Siren, the CD jacket is by Digital Hollywood University professor’s Fukuoka Toshihiro, and for the MV a gravure model Chiaki Kyan is participating . The MV hasn’t been released yet but we can’t help but feel super excited to see what kind of video is to come!

On June 13th, the song was introduced at the Diver City Tokyo Plaza during the comemorative CD release event with the first session kicking off at 12pm and the second session taking place from 2:30pm. On June 30th, the girls’ performance will be broadcasted for the very first time via TBS “Live B” – a performance not to be missed by any true J-pop fan!

For the single, the song “#PANAiii”, which were produced by well-known music producer Yuuki Odagiri who also produced “Choose My Life” and “GIRLS ON THE RUN”, will be included. Chu-Z’s innate personality is sure to shine through with plenty of quality music to follow that’s a perfect fit for this Summer.

It is also announced that Chu-Z will start selling collaboration towel with Hello Kitty as official goods, so why don’t you go their concerts with the cute towel this summer?

At the end of June, the girls will be holding music release events in Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya. And for all those Tokyoites, the girls will be holding a music release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City’s Funsui Square, located on B1F. The girls have all moved on to their 20’s, and we feel this is a great chance for them to rediscover their reason for starting on the idol group road. We expect great things from the group, and look forward to seeing them grow.


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Tell me why Umaretekita Imi wo Shiritai / Chu-Z

Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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