Cheeky Parade Open The Doors to the Future in the MV for Their 6th Single “SKY GATE”!

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Cheeky Parade Open The Doors to the Future in the MV for Their 6th Single “SKY GATE”!

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Cheeky Parade show off a completely new side to them in the MV for their 6th single “SKY GATE” (release date: February 24)!

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The MV for “SKY GATE” like the song itself is a departure from Cheeky Parade’s usual style as it takes a story-like format chronicling a stay at a beach house where the members eat curry, walk on the beach, and play board games together. Because Mariya Suzuki and Marin Yamamoto announced that they would be studying abroad in Los Angeles, California in the United States for 2 years during iDOL Street Carnival 2016 on January 17th, every scene is full of the hope of what they will become at the end of their journey as well as the sadness of knowing that they will be away. Filming took place in Okinawa during a short 20-hour excursion by Cheeky Parade amidst release events promoting the single and Mariya and Marin traveling to Los Angeles in preparation for their stay in the US. Here are some screenshots from the MV.

“SKY GATE” will be released in 3 different version: a CD/Blu-ray version, a HMV exclusive version and a mumo exclusive version. The Blu-ray includes the MV for “SKY GATE”. The coupling song is titled “faith”. The HMV version has an exclusive 3rd song with a title that has not yet been revealed. The mu-mo version includes the instrumentals for “SKY GATE” and “faith”. Cheeky Parade’s new artist photo was created using pixelstick technology. Here is what the artwork for all 3 versions looks like.

Cheeky Parade will be celebrating their 4th anniversary with 2 performances on February 20, 2016 at Shinjuku BLAZE. Tickets have already gone on sale so don’t wait!

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