Check Out the Digest Movie for Cheeky Parade Premium Live “The First”

Check Out the Digest Movie for Cheeky Parade Premium Live “The First”

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Cheeky Parade, a.k.a. Chikipa, will be participating in lots of music festival this summer.

Chikipa is scheduled to appear in “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014” this weekend on August 10 (Sun). They mobilized 30,000 fans day and night at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball in March. It has been 5 months since they surprised their fans with an amazing set, which included a huge LED screen in the background, during their first one man live show. Finally, they venture on to the home of rock festival.

Lo and behold, they are also scheduled to appear in “Inazuma Rock Fes 2014” as well as “The 19th Tokyo Girls Collection A/W”. This information is now available on their homepage.

The high quality of the nine performer’s musical arrangements and live performances are noted for their smooth and dynamic quality, which is unlike most idol groups. A number of big venue appearances have been scheduled even though this is only the second year since their debut.
The final performance of their Japan tour is scheduled for October in New York.
Their final performance in Japan is expected at EX Theater Roppongi on the 16th of this month (Sun).

Together with the release of event information, a special digest of the LIVE DVD&Blu-ray, made available on the 6th, was posted on their homepage.

The digest is a brilliant short film, packed with Chikipa’s feelings for live performances. Cheeky Parade is sweeping over Japan’s rock festivals and now goes to the world.
This summer will undoubtedly decide their future.

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