Cheeky Parade Changes to Kawaii Cats!

Cheeky Parade Changes to Kawaii Cats!

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On May 23, 9 strange cats appeared suddenly in front of the Shibuya PARCO Part1.
When the cats standing on the fantastical stage took off the mask, audiences noticed that they were Cheeky Parade.

This was a one-day only collaborated live event for the debut of a popular fashion brand MELANTRICK HEMLIGHT‘s new lineup called Nezumito.
The brand’s concept is “Cats get magical powers (= dress), and become adorable idols.” In true to the concept, Cheeky Parade members showed a transformation into idol from cat.



Just after taking the cat mask off, they performed their latest song “Together” that will be included in the new mini-album scheduled for release on June 18. By a fantastical stage effects using the cutting-edge technology like motion capture and the next-generation lighting system “hue”, indeed the stage was like being enchanted.
It’s just a fusion of Cheeky Parade and future technologies, “Cheekylogy.”

Cheeky Parade will be releasing the mini-album “Together” on June 18, while they are active now in their nationwide concert tour. Furthermore, the final performance of the concert tour is set in Broadway, New York. Don’t get late for their high-speed and cheeky momentum!

Scenes from the event

Cheeky Parade / Together “Call&Response” ver.

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Title is to be announced (Mini Album) / Cheeky Parade

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twitter : @CP_official_CP
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