Cheeky Parade Has Got a New Member, Mizukitty for One Day!

Cheeky Parade Has Got a New Member, Mizukitty for One Day!

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On August 3rd, an event “Gokigen! Popteen Natsu No Kaishingeki 2014” (literally means Happy! Popteen’s summer attack festival) hosted by popular fashion magazine ‘Popteen’ was held at Zepp Tokyo.

Two thousands girls who chosen by lot gathered at the venue, especially Kumiko Funayama(known as Kumikky), a star fashion model among teenage girls, was to be graduated at this event.

The performers were gorgeous; a singer Miriya Kato, and idol groups Nogizaka48 and Yumemiru Adolescence and so on. Among them, the opening performer was a 9 girls idol group ‘Cheeky Parade’, who is going to play at ‘ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014’, and at New York for their concert tour.

When Seran Mizorogi, a member of Cheeky Parade who also does modeling at Popteen, said “Today, I came here to attack Popteen’s summer attack festival!”, the venue was filled with enthusiasm. They started with an upbeat song “Cheeky Fighter” and move on to “Together”, a song from their latest album.

When Mariya Suzuki walked to the back stage when main chorus part was played, there appeared a secret guest, a Popteen model Muzuki Nishikaw(known as Mizukitty) in Cheeky Parade’s outfit!

Mizukitty became a member of Cheeky Parade for one day, and performed perfectly in tune with other members. As the title of the song “Together” says, Mizukitty and Cheeky Parade came ‘together’. On seeing this surprising event, the audience shouted with joy.

Cheeky Parade is currently going on their nation-wide concert tour, in 8 cities in Japan. On August 16th, they will hold an additional performance at Roppongi EX theatre. And in October, they will take place a live concert at Broadway in N.Y.! Mizukitty cheered for Cheeky Parade’s success.

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