ºC-ute appered with YUKATA look in Public Conference at Japan Expo!

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ºC-ute appered with YUKATA look in Public Conference at Japan Expo!

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Their first appearance of Japan Expo made the fans go craze! They wore YUKATA (Japanese traditional casual night wear) and greet in French!

Before their appearance, the history video of ºC-ute was projected on big vision and fans screamed when their kids era video came up.
The day is also historical day of ºC-ute, because it is their first time to perform abroad.

Suzuka Asaoka, famouse personality with NOLIFE TV stood on the stage with ºC-ute and read questions which be gathered on facebook beforehand and made them answer those.

In talk session, Maimi Yajima said “I adored to go to France. I won’t fall asleep in the car and see the town view all the time. French fans are really kind and nice, I love them!”
Fans made big noise “ARIGATO! (thank you! in Japanese)”

Airi Suzuki said “We are Japanese, and You are French. We sing in Japanese and basically we can’t understand in a language but I believe that the music will broke the barrier of language. I want to make the exciting moment together!”

Mai Hagiwara said “French fans are good looking, so I’ve been touched my heart, but we are gonna touch your heart in tomorrow live. Check it!”

Chisato Okai said “Since ºC-ute debuted, long time has been spent without performing abroad, this time, I am not gonna take long time to come again, we will be come back as soon as possible!”

Saki Nakajima said (fans’ question was What is your favorite song by ºC-ute? ” My favorite one is “Seishun Song” because we sing together with fans loudly. ºC-ute always want to be fans side, this song make us together, so I would like to sing the song in every live!”

After the conference, they held a live next day.
We are going to report the live soon!

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