ºC-ute Report – after waiting several years to live this incredible experience –

ºC-ute Report – after waiting several years to live this incredible experience –

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In the hottest month of July, a long queue of people are waiting in front of the famous concert hall La Cigale in Paris. Some of them are waiting since yesterday at 8pm.
They are all waiting for what will be a memorable show : the ºC-ute concert.

Hello! Project already came to Paris with Morning Musume (2010), Hangry&Angry (2009,2010 and 2011) and Buono! (2012).

A lot of fans were here, some from France but others from Japan, England, Spain, etc…
The presence of so much foreigners fans shows the importance of the band in Europe.

The doors begun to open and the fans enters very smoothly.
It’s always surprising to see so much fans together, this impression of big community is more difficult to catch in Internet.

Then, the staff choose to broadcast some C-ute songs to prepare the public, but the public was already prepared and begun to sing loudly together in rythm.
No doubt, fans were waiting, and fans are ready to give a lot of energy.

Then the band appears and the show begun.
All the fans knew very well all the lyrics and wotagei, it was really pleasant and we could see the C-ute were touched.
The classics and old songs engaged an amazing power in the public.
It’s something that a lot of Japanese fans will not know. To wait so many years to see the idols you try to support without seeing them and, for some, without being able to buy a lot of stuff. This feeling created, the day of the concert, an amazing and umbelievable energy and a self accomplishment.

The show was very well done, with several costumes, very good songs well placed, good MCs and a special share of energy.
The band was surprised to see that, undoubtedly, Hagiwara Mai was the favorite in France, compared to Japan where she may be the 4th one.
Myself I was there for Maimi, but in front of the surprise, the elegance and the motivation of Mai, I had eyes only for her.

In the middle of the show, during a MC, C-ute called a french fan to go on the scene.
This fan is called Chobi Neko (her truly name is Ang駘ique). She’s well known for her passion dedicated to Suzuki Airi, she have a webiste where she tries to brings Airi for a lot of french speakers.
She already received in 2012 a special message from Suzuki Airi in the event J-Melo in Paris :
She also made in January of 2013 a petition to ask for a C-ute concert in Paris, who gained more than a thousand signatures :

While crying, she went to the stage and one by one, every member of C-ute embraced her.
At this time a lot of smiles appears in the public, while clapping loudly.

Then the show restarted, with a lot of great songs.

At the end of the show, everyone was shouting for a Encore.
I remember myself to feel blood in my throat, because as I said, in France we have to wait several years to live this incredible experience, and I think devotion is a part of the idol phenomenom.

After long minutes, maybe 15, C-ute came back and despite of the long Encore asking time, all the public were present to set the Cigale in fire.

Then the show ends, and without being able to talk, the public went out.
Some of them waited in front of the Cigale to say a last good bye to the band, when they’ll go out to take their car.

The show was awesome and very well done, the band, the staff and the public were ready to give all they have to create a memorable experience to everyone.
To see for the first time idols you were waiting for so many years created an amazing power, and no doubt that this power was living in everyone.
Everything was perfect, no one error, C-ute succeed in everything as much the fans did.

By the way, the security guys of the Cigale were really surprised by the public. It’s the first time they saw somthing like that, some of them was laughing, but by talking with some of them they was as much surprised than curious.

For my personal point of view, I think Hello! Project have a special place in the French idol’s fans.
Myself with time I loose some interest for Hello! Project, and also for C-ute.
But in Internet they were the most accessible at a time, and a big community was created.
Nothing is stronger than a community, I guess.
So in France, Hello! Project is really important, it created a lot of communities and new friends.

Today I do not like Berryz Kobo for example but, to be honnest, if tomorrow they do a concert in Paris, I’ll buy the ticket no matter the price.
Because no matter how changed the band, surely unintentionally, H!P created something big, something unique in France.
Hello! Project have a great place in the heart of french idol’s fans, and they couldn’t reach a better success.

Since January of 2009, the french TV Channel Nolife broadcast every saturday at 9pm a TV show dedicated to Hello! Project.
This show is called “Ami Ami Idol : Hello! France” (“ami” is “friend”) and talks about H!P news and broadcasts PV and some live version.!_France

Internet and Nolife are the main reason of the success story of
Hello! Project in France, and I’m sure we’ll see other awesome concerts in France !

written by @yvelii

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