BPM15Q Drop Yume Kawaii Beats in the MV for “BPM15Q!”

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BPM15Q Drop Yume Kawaii Beats in the MV for “BPM15Q!”

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“Self-Produced New Age DJ Vocal Unit” BPM15Q (15Q is read as “ichi-go-kyuu”), which is made up of Rinahamu (aka Ichigo Rinahamu, ex-BiS, ex-Akishibu project) and DJ nicamoq (BURUMA CREW), have released the MV for “BPM 15Q!”

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The MV is full of live footage from BPM 15Q’s many performances, including Idol Koushien and the Yume Cawaii Festival which were held earlier in August of 2015. Even though nicamoq is known for her selfies, she is unusually camera shy compared to Rinahamu in the MV.

BPM15Q will be appearing at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in SINGAPORE on September 5-6 for their first overseas live! Also scheduled to appear at CAPSULE, WORLD ORDER, TEMPURA KIDZ, Anna Yano, AMIAYA, and more!

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