Get Your Virtual Boyfriend! Male Idol Games for Beginners: IDOLiSH7 and Ensemble Stars!

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Get Your Virtual Boyfriend! Male Idol Games for Beginners: IDOLiSH7 and Ensemble Stars!

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Lighted up by brilliant lights, shining their sweat, singing and dancing on the stage, because he’s an idol. He belongs to everybody, and theres no point of falling in love with him….

Hold on a second! Thats not true anymore! In the world of idol games, you can have your lovely male idol all for yourself!

First of all, maybe many of you think of Love Live! or Idol Master when you hear the word “Idol Game”. In those games, the boy producers create a girl idol group. But its not just for girl idols anymore. There are tons of boy idol games out there! The time has come for girls to become producers of cute boy idols!

Boy idol games completely change the image that idols are unreachable people. In these games you are always by their side. “Uta no Prince-sama” is said to be the starter of this popularity of boy idol games.

In this game, you work together with the boys who entered the same show biz college, and make their idol major debut come true. Before becoming an idol, they have their own lives. Throughout the process of coming together as one, you see that each person has something to hide, something they can’t say. You must communicate with each of them, and help them out. This is something that only the people around them can experience, and not fans. This “special” feeling is one of the reasons why these games are so popular!

Other than “Uta no Prince-sama”, there have been many exciting boy idol games released! For those of you who are thinking of trying them out, I would like to introduce the 2 most hot games!


You have decided to work at your fathers show biz producing company. There, you meet 7 completely different boys who are training to become idols. Your first job is to be the manager for the idol group IDOLiSH7, but each boy is so unique, it doesn’t go as smooth as you expected! Throughout the story, you bring the whole group together as one to become the most popular idol group. What is best about this game is the original idol songs within the game. You play the rhythm games along with the songs, and each game has many levels, so you can train yourself. However you might look away to the boys in the background even if you are concentrating on the game. Play the rhythm game, and make the boys the most popular idol group!

IDOLiSH7 website :

Ensemble Stars!

You become the first and only girl student of the Producer department of Yumenosaki Gakuen. This school is specialized in training boy idols. You work together with the idols around you to change the school that has been making many idols that are stereotyped to be “the best idol to be popular among people”. As you can tell from the setting, this game is not like others, and the most popular point is the great story to it. Throughout the story, all you do is to get to know the idols, and read the story, so for those of you who aren’t very good or don’t like rhythm games can also enjoy this game. Also, there are over 30 different boys to train and it will be very difficult to choose your favorite. Find your best idol and enjoy the story!

Ensemble Stars! website :

By the time you end the game, you’ll sure be deeply into boy idol games! Why don’t you start training your best cute idol?

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