BOOKDOL UNION #5: Idols Remove Their Outfits For a Touch of Reality ~Launch Event for Personal Fashion Street Snap ‘Zine idp!

BOOKDOL UNION #5 : アイドルの私服姿からリアリティを読み取る 〜私服ストリートスナップ誌『idp magazine』発売記念イベント〜
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BOOKDOL UNION #5: Idols Remove Their Outfits For a Touch of Reality ~Launch Event for Personal Fashion Street Snap ‘Zine idp!

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The fifth volume of Bookdol Union, the idol, music, and book collaborative event was held at Shinjuku dues on February 10th. (Read about past Bookdol events here: Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3)

This time we’ve got the scoop on FRUiTS Special Edition idp magazine, a ‘zine featuring exclusive street snaps of idols in their everyday outfits. Our guests for the event were You’ll Melt More!’s Younapi and fashion magazine Popteen and KERA model Pikarin Shiina. Naturally snaps of both girls were included in idp magazine. In addition, this event’s director, idol expert, and writer, Shinshi Okajima, also made an appearance. Given that the theme this time was fashion, there were considerably more female guests in the audience compared to past events.



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When asked about how the creation of idp magazine came about, editor-in-chief Kashino answered, “Even though there are a number of fashionable idol girls, you rarely see them in their own clothes. I thought daring to run with that theme would result in a different kind of fun from our usual fashion magazine.”

It’s common for idols to post selfies on SNS, but it’s rare that you get a chance to see their full-body outfits. Generally when it comes to face, costume, and even normal outfit shots, they’re from the bust-up at best. Taking shots where you can completely see what idols are wearing from their hair accessories down to their shoes is something completely new. Moreover, with these shots being compiled into a special edition by the editing department of long-established, real Harajuku street culture magazines FRUiTS and TUNE makes them seem all the more legitimate, with both models and photographers going for a genuine sense of realism. It really gives you the feeling they’re presented in their true form, without bring manipulated by grown-ups.

In the magazine, both Pikarin Shiina and Younapi talk about what they’re wearing. Pikarin comments that the colors red and black were the basis of her outfit, but with a Chinese spin. She creates an innovative look by combining a randoseru (ransel) backpack and geta she purchased online with a Chinese-style dress she bought in Singapore! To match her outfit, she copied her hairstyle from character Meirin from the anime Ask Dr. Rin!

Opposite of Pikarin Shiina’s unique coordinate, Younapi’s outfit shows off the lolita style with a dress by Emily Temple Cute as its main point. Younapi, who is a fan of sweet, girly fashion, also wore a headdress by Angelic Pretty to the event. She said that she likes the boyish costumes of You’ll Melt More! exactly because they’re the opposite of that. When she made the comment that, “I don’t really like wearing revealing clothes. So I couldn’t pull off an outfit like Pikarin’s…” Pikarin immediately replied, “Sorry if you think my outfit was too sexy!!!! But those who are into lolita fashion usually aren’t into showing much skin… And many of them have more refined tastes, so naturally you would, too.” Laughter filled the audience as they picked on each other.

…They talk about what kind of guys' fashion they like/hate!

Photos by Fuchizaki
Translated by Jamie Koide

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