New Residents Wanted? Maison book girl One-man Concert “solitude hotel 1F” Announced

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New Residents Wanted? Maison book girl One-man Concert “solitude hotel 1F” Announced

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Maison book girl announced their first one-man concert titled “solitude hotel 1F” to be held at Shibuya WOMB on November 23, 2015!


Maison book girl is an idol group that consists of Aoi Yagawa (Miss iD 2015 finalist), Yui Inoue, Rin Wada and, Megumi Koshoji (ex-BiS). They have rapidly grown into one of the most exciting new idol groups since the project was first announced at BiS’ final concert on July 8, 2014.

It was widely believed that the group was made specifically for Megumi Koshoji as she was at the height of her popularity around the disbandment of BiS but, many idol fans were proven wrong as the group began making their way through the idol scene. Their relaxing and cool yet sometimes regimented sound produced by Kenta Sakurai is at odds with the freewheeling character Koshoji was known for as a member of BiS. Offstage she may still behave simply but, once she enters the room of Maison book girl, she melts into its inimitable atmosphere.

The other members, Yagawa, Inoue, and Wada perform as if they are the true residents of the imaginary apartment called “Maison book girl” like parts of a well-oiled machine (or books on a shelf). The success of Maison book girl does not depend solely on Koshoji but, is a responsibility that all four members shoulder equally.

Maison book girl

At a previous live titled “ekoms presents “SOLITUDE HOTEL B1” held on March 27, 2015(Live Report here), original member Kaori Soumoto left the room and Rin Wada checked in as a new resident. Building up their experience by performing at large events like Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 and @JAM EXPO 2015 and releasing their first album “bath room”, Maison book girl are on their way to becoming a brilliant idol group. Having emerged from the basement, we now we stand in front of the entrance of hotel solitude and it depends on you to open the door or not.

Maison book girl 1st oneman solitude hotel 1F
Date: November 23, 2015 (Monday)
Open: 6:00pm Start:7:00pm
Place: Shibuya WOMB, 2-16 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Presale: 3,000 yen Door: 3,500 yen

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