BiSH Move Closer to Nippon Budokan With Mighty Performance at Hibiya Yaon for Less than SEX TOUR Finale!

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BiSH Move Closer to Nippon Budokan With Mighty Performance at Hibiya Yaon for Less than SEX TOUR Finale!

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BiSH concluded their Less than SEX TOUR finale “Teiou Sekkai” (Caesarean section) at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo (Open-air Concert Hall, also known as “Hibiya Yaon”) on October 8, 2016. It was their biggest stage in their short history and an important checkpoint on their way to the hallowed ground of Nippon Budokan.


BiSH appeared from inside of a giant logo at the center of the stage as “Also sprach Zarathustra” (2001: A Space Odyssey) reverberated throughout the outdoor amphitheater, thousands of seisouin (literally “garbagemen”, BiSH fans) calling out in elation as they blasted off with “BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni -“. Thrusting out their hands like sumo wrestlers and chopping their arms like David Byrne (Talking Heads), BiSH turned up the heat with “First Kitchen Life”. Smashing their way through “Hero Wannabe”, the members took a moment to thank the sold out audience for coming to see them on their big night. Ayuni D, who always changes what the “D” in her name stands for, joked that it was for “death/desu” before introducing “Hontou Honki”, the song which she had written the lyrics for. As soon as she began singing, the venue glowed with pale blue cyalumes.


Ling Ling let out a bloodcurdling scream as a wall of distorted guitars smashed through the night sky for “IDOL is SHiT”, their homage to BiS’ “IDOL is DEAD”. The ground trembled as the seisouin bounced off of the concrete to “Departures”, swinging their fists as BiSH shuffled through a stack of retro dance moves on stage before flicking imaginary boogers out into the crowd. The throwback dance party rocked on with “DA DANCE” before the mood turned festive as BiSH climbed up to the platforms above the screens on both sides of the stage during “Dear…”; Atsuko Hashiyasume, Cent Chihiro Chitti, and Ling Ling on the left side and Momoko Gumi Company, Ayuni D, and Aina the End on the right. Going right into “DEADMAN”, Aina belted out the lyrics as the others scrambled back down to the main stage before the 99-second musical explosion completely dissipated.

Throwing their arms up and kicking their feet back in ebizori to “Pira Piro” and raising their fists high to “Primitive”, BiSH’s origins were again revealed. The tempo wound down slightly with “Is this call??”, Aina’s voice reaching up to the ends of the troposphere. After finishing “Spark”, Atsuko let out a wail and collapsed, exclaiming that her energy levels were sapped due to the bigness of Hibiya Yaon. In order to get her pumped back up, the members took turns helping her imagine several different kinds of dreamy good-looking guys. However, each description ended with “hage” (ハゲ, bald) making for some hilarious reactions from Atsuko during the extended introduction for the next song “Hey gate” (it sounds like “hage”). Aina shouted “hage saiko!” (bald is the best!) and several bald seisouin showed up on the giant screens.

The audience participation of the live began as a seisouin was pulled onto the stage for “TOUMIN SHOJO” and ridden like a horse and slapped around. Swinging their arms and rocking from side to side to “Saraba Kana”, an explosion sounded to launch “MONSTERS”, Ling Ling and Aina screaming like artillery shells as several thousand heads and hands banged and clapped along. Giant plumes of CO2 shot out from the stage as the live reached climax with “OTNK”. The ground trembled once again as several thousand feet pounded the cement as they bounced along to “beautiful-sa” to bring the main part of the concert to an end.


The encore began rather quietly as a string section walked onto the stage and the seisouin applauded politely as if it were a classical concert. The strings swirled through the night air for “Orchestra”, the seats glowing with 6 different colored cyalumes, divided cleanly into sections as Aina took her solo in the middle of the song as can be seen in the video below.

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Announcements of BiSH’s “NEVERMiND Tour 2017” appeared on the screen as Nirvana’s grunge rock classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” played. Atsuko continued by reminding the seisouin to join their official fan club (Smells Like Teen Spirits) which began that day. Fighting through the overwhelming emotions of their big day, BiSH ended with “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”, their voices joining with those of the seisouin as they sang along together with their hands in the air before leaving the stage. Brought back by another encore call, Junnosuke Watanabe thanked the seisouin for their feelings but BiSH had used up all their energy and would have to settle for Aina ending the night with a “hage” call. At her signal, she and the rest of the seisouin shouted to bring down the curtain on Hibiya Yaon.


Set List

01 BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –
02 First Kitchen Life
03 Hero Wannabe
04 Hontou Honki
05 IDOL is SHiT
06 Departures
08 Dear…
10 Pira Piro
11 Primitive
12 Is this call??
13 Spark
14 Hey gate
16 Saraba Kana
19 beautiful-sa

E1 Orchestra

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Title is to be announced (1st Album) / BiSH


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