BiSH Express Their True Emotion in MV “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”

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BiSH Express Their True Emotion in MV “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”

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Controversy idol group BiSH released a new MV “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE“. This MV cannot be watched without tears!

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The MV was filmed during their tour “Eden of Sorrow Tour”. The first part of the MV goes with their interviews. They confess true feelings that are usually hidden within their heart. It is very moving to see that they convey the feeling to their parents with being sometimes shame and sometimes tears. This first part contains their path from childhood to the present.


After Chicchi’s confession, the music starts calmly but soon it starts to sound like usual BiSH songs. In the tour, the members introduce this song as an important one. The lyrics are written by the members, their producer, Kenta Matsukuma, and Junnosuke Watanabe, their manager. This MV plays a very important role in recording their current true colors.

This song can be downloaded for free! There is no choice but download it!
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