Bandjanaimon! Rush Into Battle With the MV for “METAMORISER”!

Bandjanaimon! Rush Into Battle With the MV for “METAMORISER”!

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Bandjanaimon! keep their “Perfect Year 2017” rolling with the supercharged MV for “METAMORISER” (release date: May 17)!

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The MV was premiered before the encore of Bandjanaimon!’s sold-out one-man live at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast on May 14th and has the members mixing traditional and modern as they dance in factories and open fields while wearing kimonos. “METAMORISER” is the opening theme song for the anime Tsugumomo and was composed by Q-MHz.

“METAMORISER” will be sold in an anime version and a regular version. The coupling song “FAN+TIC” will be featured on the series of purikura machines of the same name which the members of Bandjanaimon! have been selected as the spokesmodels. The anime version includes a TV-size version and instrumental of “METAMORISER” and the MV and making of video for “METAMORISER”. The regular version includes a 3rd track titled “Saibō SPC” and the MV and making of video for “FAN+TIC”.

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METAMORISER / Bandjanaimon!
METAMORISER / Bandjanaimon!

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