Band PASSPO☆ Returns at 6th Anniversary Autumn Tour Finale!

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Band PASSPO☆ Returns at 6th Anniversary Autumn Tour Finale!

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PASSPO☆ tuned up and rocked out as Band PASSPO☆ for the first time since their marathon 6 and a half hour long New Year’s Day graduation flight (PASSPO☆ term for lives) of Makoto Okunaka at the finale of their 6th anniversary autumn tour titled “PASSPO☆ Flight Tour ROCK Shuunen Tour Arigato-Bin Shinagawa” at Stellar Ball on November 28.


Petit PASSPO☆ warmed up the audience with “Samurai Girl” and a spunky performance of their upcoming 2nd single “Go Fight! Fly High!” that had many “Passengers” (PASSPO☆ name for fans), rocking from side to side along with them to the familiar melody.

Afternoon Flight – Departure: 1:00pm (JST)

Walking onto the stage, PASSPO☆ took their positions at their instruments, Yukimi Fujimoto strapping a blue E-II Mystique over her shoulder and taking over the rhythm guitar position previously held by Naomi Anzai, who moved to lead guitar. Anzai started things off, picking out the intro for “WANTED!!” on her volcano red Horizon and the audience roared to life like a jet engine. Mio Masui thumped away steadily at her Forest bass and Anna Tamai cut loose with a wild drum solo to end “BREAK OUT!!”, which had her forgetting what instrument she was playing when Band PASSPO☆ to introduce themselves. The loudest cheers came for Fujimoto when she announced that she was playing the guitar, having moved up from the ambiguous-sounding “manipulator/DJ” position that she previously inhabited.

Band PASSPO☆ then took things back to where it all began with “Perfect Sky”, the first song that they had learned to play instruments for. Ai Negishi took a keyboard solo, Anzai and Fujimoto moved out to the front of the stage, pulling even with Shiori Mori and Natsumi Iwamura, who channeled the spirits of classic girl groups of the past with their choreography behind their microphone stands during “GPP”. Masui held down the bottom end as and Anzai and Fujimoto strummed out the power chords for “Candy Room”, Mori adding some extra spice to the ending “Come on boy!”.

Ai Negishi asked the passengers how their performance was after an almost year long absence from playing instruments live. She praised Iwamura’s tambourine playing and marveled at Fujimoto’s guitar playing while the others commented how the instrument complimented her long legs. Fujimoto explained that she wanted to take on the challenge since guitars are a big part of PASSPO☆’s sound. Still nervous, she began to tremble, prompting Anzai to wrap her arms around Fujimoto’s shoulders to calm her down.

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