All-girl Rockers BAND-MAID®’s New MV “Don’t Let Me Down” Won’t Disappoint!

All-girl Rockers BAND-MAID®’s New MV “Don’t Let Me Down” Won’t Disappoint!

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Part-maids, part-hard rock girl band, BAND-MAID® is here to rock you with the edgy and dark “Don’t Let Me Down!”  The song is off their 2nd mini album, “New Beginning,” to be released on November 18th.

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In the band’s 3rd music video since their formation, “Don’t Let Me Down” brings BAND-MAID® to a whole new level, combining traditional Japanese imagery like shōji paper screens, Mt. Fuji and Buddhist temples with the modern bustle of Shibuya scramble, Akihabara, and iconic Tokyo Tower. The video switches between the girls rocking out in a dark room to the tune of double vocalists Miku and Saiki’s mature English lyrics, and Miku sprinting around new and old Tokyo in pigtails and high-heeled Mary Janes. Towards the end of the video, it all goes up in flames— what exactly was Miku running to (or from,) anyway…?

BAND-MAID®’s 2nd mini album, “New Beginning,” includes a remastered version of “Thrill” from their hard-to-find first single, “Ai to Jounetsu no Matador” among 8 other tracks, plus a DVD featuring music videos for “REAL EXISTENCE” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

The combination of cute, gothic maid outfits and a hard-rock sound is something you’ll only find with BAND-MAID®, so don’t be let down— check it out before this album gets hard-to-find, too!

4.Price of Pride
5.Arcadia Girl
6.Don’t Apply The Brake
7.Beauty and the Beast
8.Don’t Let Me Down
9.Shake That


New Beginning / BAND-MAID

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