Fanatic Visual kei Lovers! The Introduction of “Bangya” & Places Bangya Can Have Fun!

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Fanatic Visual kei Lovers!  The Introduction of “Bangya” & Places Bangya Can Have Fun!

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Japanese Otaku categories are wide ranging. Aniota (Anime otaku),idol otaku, Janiota (male idol group’s agency johnny’s otaku), and so on.

Here we would like to introduce one of the otaku genres, “Bangya” or “Bandgal” who are Visua kei band fan. Some people are really addicted to it and even get screwed!

What is the definition of “Bangya”?

There is no clear definition of Bangya, however, if you are doing these things below, you must be a Bangya! (Although the last two are very tough!)


-people who headbang and dance like crazy with opening their arms to favorite member and do courtship behavior (called “Saki” in Japanese)
-people who buy many CDs to attend their favorite band’s in-store events
-people who hold on whole the schedule of their favorite band’s
-people who complete attending their favorite band’s nation wide tour concerts
-people who go their favorite band’s world tour, not just nation wide tour

The Types of “Bangya”?

Bangya is Visual Kei Band’s fanatic female fan and people call them ”Gal” (pronunciation : “Gyaru”.) Men’s version of “Bangya” is “GAL-O” (pronunciation : “GYA-O”) . Visual Kei bands are popular among late teenagers to early twenties, so some people call “Obangal” ( the pronounce is “Obangya”) to female Visual kei female fan who are in their 30s or more. This is a coined word of “Obasan”(meaning : middle aged women ) and “Bangya”.


Comic seris “Bandgal-chan no Nichijo”, which illustrating the daily life of Bandgal.

Enjoy Bangya Experience in Japan!

Beside Visual kei bands’ concert, there are some places where Bangya can have great experience in Japan! Here we pick up four places to recommend!

Bangya Room

There is “Bangya Room” at Karaoke STLAND which located on Kakogawa-city, Hyogo prefecture. The Bangya Room has solid iron fence, large scaled TV, and mike stand. Karaoke is usually the place where you enjoy singing, but at this place, the listeners are also able to have fun by headbanging with the fence. Also you can bring your DVDs to the Karaoke room and practice your favorite band’s dance. In addition, you can have 2 hours’ all-you-can-drink plan so that  you won’t be dehydration, like you experience at the real live concerts. Singing and dancing at this room will raise your sprits as if you were at some live concert hall.

Location: 704-1, Yoneda-cho, Hiratsu, Kakogawa city, Hyogo
LINE: (you can get coupon here!)


Christon Cafe
Christon Cafe is Gothic styled dining reproduced Medieval Europe, which is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The interior looks like the place which appearing on Visual Kei bands’ MV. This restaurant’s concept is “gothic church of Catalonia in Spain”.


You will be fascinated with gorgeous chandeliers, antique furniture, beautiful decoration, and candles from Spain and France. You can come here with a small group, however, you can also reserve the whole dining room, which looks like Medieval European feast, with over 30 people. You can have wedding party here too!

Location:oriental wave 8 & 9F, Shinjuku 5-17-13, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Website :


If you are BLOODSUCKERS (Visual kei band VAMPS’ fan), you should go there as you can enjoy VAMPS’s world.


Although the cafe is not officially related with VAMPS, however, you can explore the world of VAMPS members, hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (OBLIVION DUST),  who are “vampire” living more than 1000 years. It’s decorated with red and black interiors which represents the vampire’s castles, and the lord “VAMPIRE ROSE” and his maids will host you. Food and drink are made in the motif of vampire’s story and you can enjoy its presentation. You’ll be able to feel like a princess as the maid serve you!  Don’t forget to check the bathroom, as it will astonish you (you’ll see!).


Location: Rape building 7F, 6-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


-niju- is Izakaya which is owned by the two members of ν, Kayuu (guitarist) and ЯeI(Drummer). ν (reads “new” ) was Japanese visual kei band who were active from 2005 to 2014. The origin of the band name “ν” was “New Music”, and their music was based on rock sound but featured techno and rap style. The two members went to a cooking school and improved their cooking skills before band’s break up.





The restaurant has relaxed atmosphere, and not just be able to taste high quality flavor, you can feel the luxurious feeling by the tablewares. This must be the only place you can eat dishes cooked by Ikemen (good looking guys) visual kei artists who are still working on music activities as well.

Location : 1F,2-20-11,Kabuki-cho,Shinjuku-ku,TOKYO
Website :

Shop Twitter:
Kayuu /store manager Twitter :
Rei /Store owner Twitter :

How was it? Did you find any curious place? Enjoy great Bangya time as Japan is the birth place of Bangya!

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I'm BANDGAL:)I'm always in mosh pit.Especially,I’m crazy about ROCK,HEAVY METAL and VISUAL-KEI.

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