[LIVE REPORT] Ayami Muto to make long-awaited Major Debut in April!

[LIVE REPORT] Ayami Muto to make long-awaited Major Debut in April!

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On December 30 of last year, a solo artist Ayami Muto held the final performance of her first-ever live house tour “TRAVELING ALONE” at Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo.

From October, 2013, she went around 5 venues in Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Tokyo for the tour “TRAVELING ALONE.” In this tour, she covered hit songs of 80’s popular idol as much as 30 or more. Furthermore, she also showed off her new original songs such as “Jikan to iu Wonderland (時間というWonderland)”, “Megami no Suggestion (女神のサジェスチョン)”, and “Sakura Romance (桜ロマンス)”.

Though the year 2013 was rapidly nearing its end, a lot of fans gathered at the concert. In fact both two shows were sold out.

The whole stage was covered with a white curtain, and vivid spatial presentation was produced using the technique of projection mapping. That invited the audience to another world, before the beginning of the performance.

Just before the curtain goes up, Muto herself made an announcement. She enhanced audience’s expectancy saying “Thank you so much for coming to my concert. Today, we prepared seats for each, but please enjoy with standing up!”

In the night performance following the afternoon part, she performed 3 original songs without break. Somewhat nostalgic melody and digital footage, projected on the whole stage, crossed impressively. It was like a strange time travel to the unknown world in mixed age of future and past.


During the first talk section, she shared her enthusiasm for the final day of the concert tour again, then she started the section for the medley of covered songs that were chosen by herself.

She sang the popular songs of 80’s idols very well, and the venue’s atmosphere was wrapped in nostalgic feeling. When she sung Yui Asaka’s “Cecil”, that is one of her most favorite songs as she said, she expressed well the mixed feelings described in the lyric as “we become weaker each time we become an adult.” To hear that, audience was moved to tears.

Muto said, “I covered lots of 80’s idol songs. So I think, I hope that I’ll also be able to sing such songs that everyone can get excited at the moment to hear that and loves for a long time.”
Then, she sang enthusiastically her original song “Irodori no Natsu” as the last song of the main performance.

When the encore performance started, the words “Major Debut Decided in April, 2014” were shown at the screen on the stage. Great shouts of joy arose from the audience.

Receiving the cheer voices, Muto appeared on the stage again and shared her feeling with delight, “I’ll make my major debut! I was almost crying to hear your voice of celebration like ‘Omedetou.’ Thanks for lots of support, I could stand the start line of solo artist. From now, it will be just like a solitary journey. The road I head towards as a soloist is not all about fun. There may be times when I face painful experiences as well as times when things don’t turn out the way I want, but I will do the best I can, so please continue to support me!”


Then, she performed “Sora” with fantastic rendition using glittering laser lights and her brand new dance tune with a freaking beat “A.Y.M” that was shown out for the first time. As the end, she sang “Eien to Shunkan” emotionally, and wrapped up the concert in great cheer.

However, even after the curtain call, there was an endless call of “Ayami.” So, Muto came back to the stage again and asked to fans, “Could I sing just one more song?”
Then she performed “Irodori no Natsu (彩りの夏)” again for the double encore stage. Finally, she wrapped up her first-ever music hall tour in great success.

After the concert, Muto talked about her enthusiasm for overseas activity to us. She said, “I’d like to hold my activity also in overseas! First of all, I hope to visit around Asia.”

While lots of idol group are active in Japan today, Ayami Muto shoulders the fans’ expectations in its tiny body. She fascinates fans with her great individuality and charm that can be maximized simply because she is a solo artist. There is no doubt 2014 will be a year that she will make a huge impact in not only Idol industry but also Japanese music industry.

M1  女神のサジェスチョン (Megami no Suggestion)
M2  桜ロマンス (Sakura Romance)
M3  時間というWonderland (Jikan to iu Wonderland)
M4  悲しみよこんにちは / 斉藤由貴 1986年 (Kanashimiyo Konnichiwa / Yuki Saito 1986)
M5  青い珊瑚礁 / 松田聖子 1980年 (Aoi Sangoshow / Seiko Matsuda 1980)
M6  涙のペーパームーン / 石川秀美 1983年 (Hidemi Ishikawa 1983)
M7  リ・ボ・ン / 堀ちえみ 1985年 (Ribbon / Chiemi Hori 1985)
M8  少女A / 中森明菜 1982年 (Shoujo A / Akina Nakamori 1982)
M9  セシル / 浅香唯 1988年 (Cecil / Yui Asaka 1988)
M10 なんてたってアイドル / 小泉今日子 1985年 (Nantettatte Idol / Kyoko Koizumi 1985)
M11  C-GIRL / 浅香唯 1988年 (C-GIRL / Yui Asaka 1988)
M12  夏色ナンシー / 早見優 1983年 (Natsuiro no Nancy / Yu Hayami 1983)
M13  夏の扉 / 松田聖子 1981年 (Natsu no Tobira / Seiko Matsuda 1981)
M14  学園天国 / 小泉今日子1989年 (Gakuen Tengoku / Kyoko Koizumi 1989)
*the original song was sung by Finger Five
M15  スマイル・フォー・ミー / 河合奈保子 1981年 (Smile・For・Me / Naoko Kawai 1981)
M16  彩りの夏 (Irodori no Natsu)

EN1  宙 (Sora)
EN2  A.Y.M
EN3  永遠と瞬間 (Eien to Shunkan)

WEN1  彩りの夏 (Irodori no Natsu)

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