Release Date of Ayami Muto’s Major Debut Album “Eien to Shunkan” Confirmed!

Release Date of Ayami Muto’s Major Debut Album “Eien to Shunkan” Confirmed!

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It’s been announced that Ayami Muto will be releasing her major debut album “Eien to Shunkan” on April 23. Furthermore, she will be holding the one-man concert titled “BIRTH” at TSUTAYA O-EAST on April 29.

Muto graduated from Sakura Gakuin in 2012. In July, last year, she made covers after famous melodies of ’80s idols and presented live at “Muto Ayami LIVE DNA 1980”. That was the time when Muto Ayami started her career as a solo artist.
In the sound production of her major debut Akimitsu Honma took part. The melodies of 1980 idols, which Muto loves very much, have their lyrics composed by Yoshiko Miura and Mori Yukinojo. Nishi-ken started as sound creator. He also took part in sound arrangements.

The album title is “Eien to Shunkan (Eternity and moment)”. Everything in this album is created with a balance: “If we change too much, the important part is lost. If we don’t change, it will look old.” Mixing the new with the old in a perfect balance, the original outlook is preserved. Muto Ayami’s songs, full of freshness and clarity, give a strong vibration.

This new creation is released under Amuse and A-sketch label, as the first series product of SHINKAI. Was named SHINKAI because “Mixing the new with the old you get something interesting and this word express a new sail trip”. A first trial listening containing a part of this product is planned to be released on the 25th of February.

“Let’s go back one again to our origins and make a new start”. These are the thought which gave One Man Live “BIRTH”. On the 29th on April is Muto’s 18 years birthday celebration and we are bringing you the Solo Live from the last year in Tokyo, TSUTAYA O-EAST. Tickets are available starting with the 29th of March.

“Eien to Shunkan” Track List

01. Sora
02. Jikan to iu Wonderland
03. Irodori no Natsu
04. Sakura Romance
05. Toumei Shoujo
06. A.Y.M
07. Megami no Suggestion
08. Eien to Shunkan

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