Hange and Sasha Lead “Attack on Titan Drama” to Release in Three Part Series!

Hange and Sasha Lead “Attack on Titan Drama” to Release in Three Part Series!

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Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan live action film and tie-in drama will be available on NTT Docomo’s video streaming service, dTV, from August.


Actresses Satomi Ishihara playing Hange, and Nanami Sakuraba playing Sasha in the live action will be featured in the dTV original drama. Film’s original characters Fukushi (Shu Watanabe), Lil (Rina Takeda), and Hiana (Ayame Misaki) will make an appearance, as well as a a new character, Izuru, played by Yuta Hiraoka. It will be a three part series drama, with one part each for Hange, Sasha, and Fukushi and Lil. The cast of this work was chosen by Shinji Higuchi, same as the movie. From June, a video manga by Bee TV will be available. The same voice actors as the anime, Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, and Marina Inoue have been included in the line-up.

attack-on-titan-drama-01 attack-on-titan-drama-02 attack-on-titan-drama-03

Satomi Ishihara, Nanami Sakuraba, Shu Watanabe, Rina Takeda, Ayama Misaki, and Yuta Hiraoka appeared on stage at the D Video MIKATA CONFERENCE 2015 Eizo no Mikata wo Kangaeru. It was the first time the live action film cast had made a public appearance together. Ishihara commented that she felt the drama role depicting Hange’s inner turmoil and past was difficult, and that in order to make every version line up correctly, sought out advice about the part from Romi Park, the voice actress that plays her in the anime, such as her character’s yet unrevealed way of laughing or speech pattern. Park would imitate Hange’s yell or make answering machine recordings for Ishihara outside of practice sessions.

Director Higuchi also left a comment at the event. He spoke confidently, “I promise that seeing the characters shown from many dynamic new angles, such as Hange’s reluctance to break free, Sasha’s real ferociousness, and original characters Fukushi and Lil’s sharp action will make for an enjoyable experience.” The original character back stories will also be clearly established, such as coule Fukushi and Lil, or Hiana who is a single mother. Concerning expectations of the final product, Misaki added, “Mr. Isayama said that the work has pleased him beyond imagination, so I am very much looking forward to it.

Lastly, “All the parts are full of exciting content, from the development of the 3D maneuver gear and research about the Titans, to Sasha’s growth. We hope you’ll watch and enjoy it alongside the original work,” Ishihara had to say.

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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