AOP to Release 2nd Single “COSMIC MAGIC STARS”!

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AOP to Release 2nd Single “COSMIC MAGIC STARS”!

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AOP (Anime O-en Project) is a group of 6 girls who loves Anime, and they work to push excitement of Japanese Anime to more people. On 19th October in 2014, their 2nd single “COSMIC MAGIC STARS” will be released!img-aop-cosmic-magic-stars-02

“COSMIC MAGIC STARS” is given words and music by Sho Watanabe who set out various songs of Anime. The song is imaged as dynamic cosmos that links to the concept of AOP, and the music is light sounded. A coupling song “Seisyun-session PARADISE” is by Sumiyo Mutsumi and Yugo Sasakura who offer music to various artists in various genre.

In this CD, a music-video-DVD of “COSMIC MAGIC STARS” is enclosed as a benefit. The MV is set at a real astronomical observatory and you can enjoy charm of AOP. And also, you can buy CD at AOP’s concert on releasing day (19th Oct, 2014) at Ebisu LIVE GATE TOKYO.

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AOP Official Website:

Translated by Chihiro

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