Both Cute AND Sexy!! Get Your Hands on Anna Yano’s Latest Photography Collection ‘Kawaero’

Both Cute AND Sexy!! Get Your Hands on Anna Yano’s Latest Photography Collection  ‘Kawaero’

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By combining the talent of stunning Aomoji-kei model and artist Anna Yano with that of Polaroid Cameraman Yasumasa Yonehara, the ideal fusion of cute and sexy has been born!


Anna Yano is a popular reader model for magazine Aomoji-kei, who receives great support from women of all ages, has gained this status mainly as a result of choosing not to focus on pleasing men. No matter the time or place, Anna Yano is undoubtedly very cute. But due to this high level of cuteness, many feel that she doesn’t radiate a sense of sexiness.

However, that’s all about to change. With this new photography collection “Anna Yano MADE in HARAJUKU VOL.1“, men and women alike will be able to sense and appreciate an amalgamation of both her cuteness and sexiness.


Yasumasa Yonehara, the world-famous cameraman known for using polaroid cameras as his primary photography device, has used Anna Yano as his centerpiece and created a very stylish photography collection that is sure to excite both men and women alike. Within this magazine, you’ll find photos of Anna Yano in cosplay and even some of her wearing…um…no clothes at all! There’s no doubt that you’ll be seeing a side of Anna Yano that you’ve never seen before – an exciting fusion of both cute AND sexy!

The photo album will be available for pre-purchase on March 28th at the free event OSAKA KAWAii!! 2015 as well as at the Village Vanguard America-mura and Shinkyogoku stores.

Now for a few words from the star of this collection, Anna Yano, as she gives us her thoughts on how this collection was started.
“After shooting this album, I now feel that within anything cute, it’s possible to feel a sense of sexiness. At first I thought, Erokawaii is so different to the style that I was imagining, I wasn’t sure what to call this revolutionary cute style. it was then that Mr. Yonehara said ‘Let’s do an Erokawaii photo shoot! That’s it! We’ll call it Kawaero! (She laughs) I think the photoshoot was not only fun, but I was able to think of myself as Kawaero and as a result of Mr. Yonehara’s magic, we were able to create such a wonderful photo collection! I want not only both boys and girls alike to look at the photo album that Mr. Yonehara and I have worked hard to make, but I want people from all around the world to as well!”

And now for some words from the master creator of this collection, Yasumasa Yonehara.
“I was able to pull off a very unique photo album with the help of Anna Yano. The theme is Kawaero. As its name suggests, it is a collection that is cute with a touch of sexy.” Since it’s a collection that is being released at an event that is all about cute, it is sure to capture the attention of girls. Girls will find themselves screaming “These photos are so cute!!!” and boys are almost certain to go wild and say “Wow, these photos are so sexy!!!”

Pre-sale Event:
Village Vanguard America-mura store
Date and time: March 29th (Sunday) from 12:30pm.

Village Vanguard Shinkyogoku store
Date and time: March 29th (Sunday) from 5pm.

Event perks:
By purchasing a copy of Anna Yano MADE in HARAKJUKU VOL.1, you’ll get a handshake with Anna Yano and her personal signature.
By purchasing 2 copies of Anna Yano’s photo album, you’ll receive her handshake, personal signature AND get your photo taken with Anna Yano using a phone camera.

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Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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