Anime?! Real?! The First-Ever Puri (Photo Booth) For Cosplayers “ANIMAREAL Cospuri” Has Invented!

Anime?! Real?! The First-Ever Puri (Photo Booth) For Cosplayers “ANIMAREAL Cospuri” Has Invented!

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The first-ever Puri (photo booth) designed solely for cosplayers, has released! This is the collaboration work between MAKESOFTWARE Inc. and ANIMAREAL, an art project team that fuses together art and reality.


The machine was exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2016 (held on September 17th and 18th, 2016) and attracted many people.


ANIMAREAL Cospuri was developed to meet the needs of both domestic and international cosplayers. Conventional Puri are not designed for cosplayers in that green backgrounds are often used in them and cosplayers have to avoid wearing green wigs and costumes.


ANIMAREAL Cospuri, however, offers two options for the background, one of which being the white background which makes it easier for cosplayers to be more creative in front of the camera. The other option utilizes the backgrounds that feature a Japanese manga entitled FAIRY TAIL allowing the users to experience its world.

animareal-purikura-cos-04 animareal-purikura-cos-09

“Whatever costume or item you have, this Puri machine makes it look really natural in the photos,” says one of the featured cosplayers at the event.
animareal-purikura-cos-15 animareal-purikura-cos-18 animareal-purikura-cos-17 animareal-purikura-cos-16animareal-purikura-cos-19

Since photo-editing tools like Photoshop, one of the must-have items for cosplayers, tend to be quite complicated, there has been a rising demand for an easier alternative. The schedule of the placement of the machines for public is not mentioned, but hope that they will do it soon!

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