Animedia, Animage, and Even Seiyuu Paradise!! Which Anime Magazine Do You Prefer Reading?

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Animedia, Animage, and Even Seiyuu Paradise!! Which Anime Magazine Do You Prefer Reading?

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There are many magazines that are categorized in many genres, but number of magazines related to anime is increasing than any category. As there are anime information magazines, voice actors magazines and anime songs magazines are published. Even though paper magazines are losing its vigor, anime info. magazines are increasing the number in variety till today. This article will go back to the born of anime magazines and explain the reasons why it is stable in popularity.


The history starts off from publishers getting attraction on the movement in 1975 when “Space Battleship Yamato” rebroadcasted on TV that created anime fans in general. Subculture magazine at that time, “Monthly OUT” featured Yamato creating a huge hit, switching to subculture magazine to anime magazine. In 1978, standard anime magazine even today, “Animage” is published the first time. In the middle of 1990’s, having a share of luck with the voice actor boom, voice actor magazines start to appear in the market. Also, many magazines debating about the anime work were published due to the social hit of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Anime magazines will continue to transform reflecting the population of anime fans and their preference in general.

Monthly OUT about Space Battleship Yamato

Monthly OUT about Space Battleship Yamato

Reasons to buy anime magazines differ in people, but the content inside the magazine should be the biggest reason why fans buy anime magazines. The most topic that magazines put effort on is the interview or talk with the anime creators who don’t appear on public unless in events or these kind of magazine columns. Every fan are interested in the backstage of their favorite work, so the interviews with the creator and the voice actors are notable. Especially, if the work has an original work, like manga or novel, the talk with the author and the voice actor or director is very interesting to the fans to understand both manga and anime settings in deep understanding.

Also, the posters and gifts that come with the magazine is the big reason why. In fact, most of the pictures on the poster are originally drawn for that magazine which is very rare and has a sense of enhanced value. Recently, several magazines that included “Osomatsu-san” posters and gifts were sold out immediately, which connected to the result of reprinting the issue and that is very rare in the magazine world. Not only newly drawn images, but also newly taken photos of voice actors are popular among the fans. Since many voice actors are good looking these days, many actors cosplay into their acting characters.

High Speed and Osomatsu-san Posters and folder with the magazine "PASH!"

High Speed and Osomatsu-san Posters and folder with the magazine “PASH!”

If you are an otaku, you might understand how hard it is to talk about anime at once. Well, this is similar with anime magazine becoming hard on talking about one anime in general which the magazine becomes shallow in content. So, there are many magazines that are categorized in detail. For example, if you are interested in anime that cute guys appear, you might wanna try out magazines that is called “for girls magazine”, or if you want to read anything about anime, you should try out general magazines that is about anime at that season.

As I have explained, anime magazines are good to just watch illustrations of your favorite anime at that on air season and also can be a souvenir for your otaku friend. I selected several anime magazines in category that you definitely want to put into your cart when visiting Japan!

【For Men and Women】

The Standard Anime Magazine, “Animage”


…More Anime Magazines categorized below, for both boy and girls ♡

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