YumeAdo,, and KAMEN RIDER GIRLS Wrap Up Anime Idol Asia in Thailand in Success!

YumeAdo,, and KAMEN RIDER GIRLS Wrap Up Anime Idol Asia in Thailand in Success!

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On October 25, the “Anime Idol Asia 2014” event was held at Siam Paragon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. Participating in the event were Yumemiru Adolescence, KAMEN RIDER GIRLS, and While this was the second Thai visit for Yumemiru Adolescence, the event marked the first appearance in Thailand for of the groups congregated at the airport to welcome the girls to Thailand.

The event was such a success that all of the girls’ concert goods reportedly sold out! For the handshake event, photo session and signing event, close to 300 lucky fans lined up excitedly to have the girls sign the goods they’d bought and to give them presents, such as T-shirts they’d made themselves.

The press and local media were also in attendance to conduct on-the-spot interviews with the girls, all of them vying for the chance to put their questions to the group. When were asked the question: “Following your success overseas in places such as Southeast Asia and France, which country would you like to perform in next?” they responded jokingly, “Italy. We want to sing while spinning pizzas around!”

1,500 fans were in attendance for the concert which followed the meet-and-greet. While Thailand often puts on free events, the concert this time cost 2,000 Baht (around $US60 or 7,000 yen) per person. Although that might be a little bit expensive for a concert, the fact that the concert venue was full to capacity just shows how much love the Thai people have for Japanese culture!

The artists themselves were so moved by their Thai fans’ dedication that several tears were shed during the final encore as the girls promised to return to Thailand again soon.Thanks to the success of the event, we’re certain that 2015 will see more Japanese idol groups expanding their popularity with performances in Thailand.

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Translated by Evie

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