You Can’t Spell Legendary Without “Leg Day”: Ambiguous☆Thighs Photo Studio Exhibition Opening in Tokyo!

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You Can’t Spell Legendary Without “Leg Day”: Ambiguous☆Thighs Photo Studio Exhibition Opening in Tokyo!

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As temperatures rise with the beginning of summer, lighter clothes reveal more skin, leading to a lingering glance at something that one should not look at but, with the increase of exhibitions like Panchira 2015 dedicated to panty-flashing and Underwater Knee-High Girls Plus, it seems like a movement to shift the appreciation of the female form into something more artistic has been gaining traction in Tokyo.

TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO in Asakusabashi is celebrating their 1st anniversary in an unconventional way by decorating their walls with 200 photographs of ambiguously attractive girls’ thighs. Spinning off from the Ambiguous☆Bishoujo Art Exhibiton held in May of 2015, photographer Yuria has gathered together an impressive portfolio of her subjects to launch his own exhibition dedicated to a very specific part of the female anatomy. The exhibition will feature a mixture of selected works from her archive as well as never before seen pictures taken just for the event!

Yuria has been diligently documenting and cataloguing photos of women’s’ thighs, tapping his network of friends and acquaintances to model for him over 5 years. She exhibited his collection at Design Festa Vol.40 (November 2014) and sold out the limited run of 500 photo books titled “Thighs Photo Studio”. Yuria followed up with “Thighs Photo Studio: Uniform Photo Club” in January 2015 and a second installment of “Thighs Photo Studio” in February 2015. For this upcoming event, she has prepared “Thighs Photo Studio –Summer Day-” and “Thighs Photo Studio Uniform Photo Club 〜Summer〜” which will be released on July 17, 2015.

In addition to visitors being able to have their thighs photographed by Yuria on the days that he is at the exhibit, postcards with designs that change daily will be given to the first 100 through the doors every day! If Yuria is there when you go, he will sign the postcards too!

While it’s obviously not right to stare at strangers, and Japan has a notorious reputation of people taking peeping shots to the point where there are signs at train stations warning people of the consequences of such illegal acts, what can we make of these exhibitions that display the artistic side of fetishism? Is it part of acceptance and appreciation of more common body types, instead of chasing a difficult to attain Western idea of beauty? Or is it the further normalization of behavior that should be curtailed? If you happen to be in Tokyo this July, maybe you should go and find out your own answers?

Ambiguous☆Thighs Photo Studio
Exhibition Period: July 3, 2015 (Friday) to July 12, 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 11:00am〜7:00pm
Address: 5F 5-27-6 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0053
Entrance Fee: 500yen
Hosted by: BACON Inc.

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