Akishibu project Announces CD Debut During Sold Out Solo Concert at TSUTAYA O-WEST!

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Akishibu project Announces CD Debut During Sold Out Solo Concert at TSUTAYA O-WEST!

Photo by Yusuke Homma

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Akishibu project, the group made up of members representing the cultures of Akihabara and Shibuya, held their second solo concert “Akishibu Way~Bokura ga Susumu Sekai ni Matteiru Mirai~” in front of a sold-out crowd at TSUTAYA O-WEST in Shibuya on January 25, 2015.


The concert opened with a video showing leader Yue Miyatani being confronted by a man in a hood while walking through Shibuya on the day of the event. After being handed a key, Miyatani rushed to contact the other members and a montage introducing them as they ran to meet up with each other followed. The 8 members then entered a room where they found themselves blindfolded and chained together. As Miyatani put the key in the lock, the screen went dark and Akishibu project took the stage.

Launching into the fast-paced “WAY TO DREAM”, the audience heated up immediately, lifting each other and waving their penlights. Akishibu project kicked up their heels to the guitar rock of “Manatsu no Serenade” and struck dramatic poses during “Love & Paradise”.

After a brief self-introduction, the fans chanted loudly to the cute poppy “Candid Love” before transitioning into the hand-clapping upbeat “Dreaming up” and its crescendoing pre-chorus as the members blew kisses into the audience. Akishibu project kicked into high gear with the guitar-driven rock of “Gachi Koi Revolution”, the choreography shifting back and forth between cute and aggressive. Pausing to talk to the sold-out audience, Akishibu project showed off their new outfits, which were matching short-sleeved white and sky blue school uniforms. Finishing their only slow song of the night, “Yume Mita Sono Basho he”, the members walked off stage for a short intermission as a video documenting their voice training played on screen.

Returning to the stage in their older outfits, Akishibu project unveiled their latest song “Eternal Blue ~Kimi to Boku to Sora to Umi no Monogatari~” and the fans went back to jumping and dancing along to the driving bass and vocal harmonies. Akishibu project jabbed their fists through the air and blew kisses to fans during the wild “Midaregami Fighting Girl” and even lead the MIX to begin the song. The stage glowed vermillion as the members danced near the edge of chaos to the fast synth heavy melody and pounding beats of “Akishibu Way”.

However, the energetic audience was struck speechless and immobile as Yue Miyatani declared that the group had a problem that was preventing them from moving towards their dreams. Since their formation in 2012, Akishibu project had never released a CD, which made it all the more impressive that they had sold-out TSUTAYA O-WEST (estimated capacity: 600) that night. Miyatani explained that in order for them to continue to grow and finally release a CD, they would have to “seal” five of their beloved songs that had helped bring them to that night. As the members blinked back tears, a video on the screen showed the hooded man looking at the chains that had bound Akishibu project at the beginning of the concert. He then opened a book and the words “Akishibu project 3rd One-Man LIVE [way to dream~Mirai no Sentaku~]” appeared on a blank page, surprising members and fans alike. Miyatani fell to the floor upon seeing the announcement, overwhelmed by the sudden good news. Natsumi Ishikawa summed up the emotional roller-coaster of the past few minutes by declaring, “This is the last time we will perform these songs so let’s go out with a smile! Yosh~!”

The farewell set began with “DREAM IN A SEA”, the members shouting for the crowd to clap along to the fast-paced song as there would be no “next time”. Fans were practically climbing over each other to kecha the members as they box stepped and shook their hair during “EVERYDAY”. Akishibu showed off their repertoire of arm movements during “Sora to Kanata”, high-fiving and shaking hands with each other at the end of the song. Silver confetti was shot from the stage and even audience members in the balcony went crazy as the concert came to an end with “RIVAL”.

The encore chant began as Akishibu project left the stage but was silenced by a video interviewing the members about parting ways with their favorite song “New World”. While they expressed sadness, they were optimistic about what the future would hold as they would finally be able to release CDs like other groups. Returning for the encore, they performed “New World” for the last time, pointing at their fans and waving their fists in a circle to the steady strumming of the acoustic guitar. Fighting back tears, they launched into “Akishibu Way” once more, ending the show on a high note as their years of training took over.

Akishibu project sacrificed five of their precious songs in order to release a CD, which is unfortunate as they were well-loved by the group members as well as fans, and are nearly impossible to find online but, based on the success of their concert at TSUTAYA O-WEST, it seems that things have only begun for them. Be on the lookout for their mini-album when it goes on sale in March and don’t miss out on their 3rd “one-man live” in May!

Set List
02. Manatsu no Serenade
03. Love & Paradise
04. Candid Love
05. Dreaming up
06. Gachi Koi Revolution
07. Yume Mita Sono Basho he
08. Eternal Blue ~Kimi to Boku to Sora to Umi~
09. Midaregami Fighting Girl
10. Akishibu Way
13. Sora no Kanata*
14. RIVAL*

New World*
Akishibu Way

(* indicates songs that have been “sealed” and will no longer be performed)

“Akishibu project 3rd One-Man LIVE [way to dream~Mirai no Sentaku~]”
May 30, 2015
Shinjuku BLAZE

Akishibu project Official Website:

Photo by Yusuke Homma      

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