AKihabara Girls Vol.2 Cosplayer/Free-Lance Model, Photo Studio Staff in Akihabara Fuuuka

AKihabara Girls Vol.2  Cosplayer/Free-Lance Model, Photo Studio Staff in Akihabara Fuuuka

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Akihabara Girls, in this series of articles I am going to introduce you some of the girls who is currently working in Akihabara, Tokyo.
This time, I interviewed Fuuuka, a cosplayer and free lance model who is also working as a staff for “Fresh! Photo session” in Akihabara.


– How did you get started your career at “Fresh! Photo Session” ?

I got a DM from Fresh! Photsession staff on Instagram.
Actually, it was an offer for modeling. I started working as a model but now I am working as a staff as well. They are very different types of jobs but I enjoy doing both of them.

– What do you do as a staff at Fresh Photo studio?

Basically, handing out the admission tickets to the customers at the counter, make an announcement with the microphone, opening and closing the studios etc.
Because there are few staff, I have to take care of a lot of things at the moment.
I usually work until 10-11pm. Time passes so fast.


– When you work as a staff at the studio, is there anything hard for you to take care of?

Well, to be honest, we are always busy. It’s actually a good thing though.
Sometimes I’m literally running around the studio.
Especially, when special events are going on, even more people are coming on the “bathing suit” day. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes.


– What’s the fun part of working for Fresh studio?

I’ve been a cosplayer for a long time so I always hang out with cosplayers.
Since I start working for Fresh Studio, I get to see a lot of idols and gravure models.
It’s very interesting meeting all kinds of new cool and amazing people.

– I’ve heard that there are a lot of idols and gravure models do photo sessions at Fresh! Studio. It seems like cosplay is getting more popular than before. Even idols and gravure models are starting cosplay these days. What’s your take on this?

People have different reasons to cosplay. For me it’s not just dressing up. I’m not doing it just because I want to get attention or want validation from others. Cosplay is assuming imaginary identities. It’s very liberating. It take you out of the stress of everyday life. So, I think that’s the beauty of it.

Especially, when it comes to anime cosplay, I get to know people who like the same anime. It makes me happy to know that there’s a lot of people who like the same thing. I feel like that we can connect through the love of the anime. I think that’s amazing.




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