AKB48’s the largest ever live event will be held at Nissan stadium!

AKB48’s the largest ever live event will be held at Nissan stadium!

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On January 27th, popular idol group AKB48 finished their annual 4-day live event “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013” held at Tokyo Dome City Hall. This year, the No.1 song that blocked the third consecutive victory of “Heavy Rotation” was team 4’s only original song “Hashire! Penguin.”

During the event, it was also announced that AKB48 will be hold an open-air live concert titled “AKB48 Super Festival” at Nissan Stadium in June. It will be the biggest-scale festival yet for the group as there will be 70,000 audience members attending, and they will be the first female artist to hold a solo live concert at the stadium.

Takahashi Minami said, “I think it will lead us to open up a new state. This year, the 48 groups will run at full speed!”

Furthermore, it was already announced during the 3rd day of “Request Hour” 48groups will hold a 4-day live concert (total 6 stages) at Nippon Budokan in April titled as “AKB48 Fair.”

<“AKB48 Fair” schedule>
April 25th 2013 (Thu) : SKE48
April 26th 2013 (Fri) : NMB48
April 27th 2013 (Sat) : HKT48 (day time)
April 27th 2013 (Sat) : AKB48 (night time)
April 28th 2013 (Sun) : AKB48 groups (2 stages for day and night)

This year seems to be the year for 48group gonna be more active!

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